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Each quarter Comparably recognizes the world’s most beloved brands among consumers across a variety of categories. See the Winners

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Top 100 Brands Q3 2021

The launch of our inaugural Best Brands list in 2021 – as seen in Business Insider – honors companies with the most loyal and satisfied customers across a variety of brand benchmarks, according to hundreds of thousands of customer ratings across tens of thousands of companies on


Q1Best Brands, According to Women & People of Color
Q2Best Brands by Industry
Q3Best Global Brands
Q4Best Brands, According to Gen Z + Millennials

How It Works

There is no application process or fee. Best Brands is based solely on consumer feedback of large brands on within the previous 12 months. Consumers are asked to rate brands in a variety of areas such as quality of the product/service, customer service, ROI, overall satisfaction with the company, loyalty, and how likely they are to recommend the brand to a friend. For more information or questions, contact [email protected].

How It Works

The Benefits

National Exposure

Receive coverage in national media and on


Credibility with partners, investors, and stakeholders that they are in business with the best.

Status & Influence

Drive interest from prospective customers with a positive brand reputation.

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Industry Categories

  • Automotive + Transportation

    Companies that design, develop, manufacture, market, and sell all modes of transportation such as automotive, aviation, and aerospace.

  • AI, Big Data + Analytics

    Companies that analyze sets of data that are too large to be handled by traditional data-processing software.

  • Banking + Financial Services

    Companies that provide financing or services that facilitate financial transactions, such as lenders, mortgage brokers, and financial advisers.

  • Business + Consumer Services

    Companies that offer some sort of non-financial service to companies and people.

  • Consumer Goods

    Companies that make, distribute, or sell products to consumers from soda and candy to cleaning products and toys.

  • Ecommerce + Marketplaces

    Companies that are focused on buying or selling products online or over the internet.

  • Energy + Manufacturing

    Companies that are involved in manufacturing or the production and sale of energy.

  • Fashion + Beauty

    Companies that produce clothing, shoes, lifestyle and beauty products for consumers.

  • Food + Beverage

    Companies that manufacture, sell, or distribute food or beverages, or offer related services such as restaurants and meal-delivery.

  • Health + Wellness

    Companies that make, distribute, or sell products that improve quality of life, or offer related services like hospitals and pharmaceuticals.

  • Media + Entertainment

    Companies that create or distribute content in any kind of communications or entertainment medium like film, music, news, gaming, and social media.

  • Retail

    Companies that sell products and services directly to consumers, either online or at brick-and-mortar stores.

  • SaaS (Software as a Service)

    Companies that host an application and make them available to customers over the internet.

  • Technology

    Companies that sell goods and services in electronics, software, computers, AI, and other industries related to information technology (IT).

  • Travel + Hospitality

    Companies that house people including hotels and resorts, and any services required by travelers along their journeys such as airlines.

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