How Long do You Take for Lunch Breaks

Over 3500 employees in Tech were polled and asked, “How Long Do You Take for Lunch Breaks”. The info-graphic breaks down the answers by Gender, Work Departments and Cities. The data was complied and visualized by Comparably, the online platform for transparency in workplace compensation and culture. Comparably lets employees see what people like them are making in base, bonus and equity, and provides deep insights around workplace culture. The results from the survey were illuminating, some key takeaways:

A Lot More Women Eat Lunch at Their Desks

28% more women than men report regularly eating lunch at their desks. They also report taking less lengthy lunch breaks of an hour or more. Across the board, it looks like women in Tech are more often working through lunch and taking shorter breaks.

Designers/Engineers are Taking Much Longer Breaks Than Their Product Counterparts

Outside of Founder/CEOs with the longest lunch breaks, employees working in Design and Engineering regularly take the longest lunch breaks at Tech companies. Compare this with their counterparts working in Product who take the least amount of time for lunch out of any department. Looks like it pays in more ways than one to have those technical skills.

Atlanta Employees Take the Longest Breaks; Washington D.C. Employees Take the Shortest
Seems like there may be something to the more laid back Southern culture; Atlanta and Austin top the cities that take the longest lunch breaks in Tech. While it’s not just political interns working around the clock, Washington D.C. employees have the shortest lunch breaks of all.

How Long do You Take for Lunch Breaks infographic


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