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GoCo.io Office Vibe

Based on 102 ratings about their team and environment, employees at GoCo.io are extremely satisfied with their office vibe and rank their overall culture within the Top 15% of similar sized companies on Comparably.

Comparably recognizes both team members and the environment curated by the employers as essential to a great office vibe, and has therefore decided to display related data to these two subculture categories.

93% of GoCo.io's employees look forward to interacting with their coworkers on a daily basis, and 100% say they hang out with their coworkers outside of work Multiple times a week. The majority of GoCo.io employees work on average 8 hours per day in a positive work environment.

100% think there is a great office vibe at GoCo.io. Most employees feel Very Secure about their position at GoCo.io, and would highly recommend working there to a friend.

Office Vibe

Top 5%Top 5% of Similar Size Companies on Comparably

GoCo.io is in the Top 5% of Similar Size Companies on Comparably

Top 15%Top 15% of Similar Size Companies on Comparably

GoCo.io is in the Top 15% of Similar Size Companies on Comparably

Office Vibe at GoCo.io
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GoCo.io Demographic

Employees may experience their company differently based on their length of tenure, gender and ethnicity. GoCo.io employees were asked questions across many categories like: CEO Rating, Environment, and Executive Team to capture what their overall experience is like.

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Gender Score How positively women rate their overall experience at GoCo.io
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1 to 2 Years
2 to 5 Years
5 to 10 Years
Over 10 Years
Tenure How positively employees who’ve worked at GoCo.io for different lengths rate their overall experience
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Diversity Score How positively minorities rate their overall experience at GoCo.io

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Recent Reviews About GoCo.io

What is most positive about the culture and environment at your company?

"Work hard, play hard" is something very much believed at GoCo.

Answer from Operations Dept. *3 years ago

The Culture is very transparent and collaborative. We have a diverse group of people in the office, and the environment is always positive and friendly. The culture is also into wellness and healthy lifestyles which align perfectly with my lifestyle goals

3 years ago

Great work environment -- everyone at GoCo are A-players and we expect a lot from eachother. That said, it's hard to call it 'work' when we're just having a blast as a team.

Answer from Sales Dept. *3 years ago

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What are some of the best things about your team?

We all genuinely get along. We're all here to support each other and actively ensure that no one is left overwhelmed. Everyone likes to reach out to help each other so that GoCo can prosper.

Answer from Operations Dept. *3 years ago

Working with my GoCo colleagues is like working with friends. Everyone is welcoming and nice, and you actually look forward to going to the office. We also have remote colleagues that come to the office now and then just because they enjoy being around the team.

3 years ago

GoCo has one of the best teams I've ever worked with. I recently had to relocate for my wife's job and now 'electively' commute back every couple of weeks just so I can be a part of the company environment.

Answer from Sales Dept. *3 years ago

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