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Microsoft 3D Animator Salaries in Mankato, MN

The average Microsoft 3D Animator in Mankato, MN earns $120,000 annually. This total compensation is $38,282 more than the US average for a 3D Animator.

In Mankato, MN, The Design Department at Microsoft earns $2,692 more on average than the Marketing Department. Comparably data has a total of 1 salary record from Microsoft 3D Animators.

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Average Compensation
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3D Animator Salaries at Microsoft

In Mankato, MN, 3D Animators earn $6,994 more than Web/Visual Designers, and $1,384 less than UI/UX Designers.

3D Animator
Graphic Designer
Jr Designer
* estimated salary

Compensation at Microsoft by Department

In Mankato, MN, The Design Department averages $2,692 more than the Marketing Department, and $29,958 less than the HR Department

$120,765 Avg. total comp.
$90,807 Avg. total comp.
$88,115 Avg. total comp.

Average Equity for 3D Animator at Microsoft

In Mankato, MN, the average 3D Animator at Microsoft receives $10K of stock in equity.

Recent 3D Animator Salaries at Microsoft

3D Animator
Posted more than 30 days ago
$120,000 Salary + Bonus

3D Animator Compensation by Ethnicity (All Companies)

The average Hispanic or Latino 3D Animator at companies similar size to Microsoft reported making $78,500, while the average Caucasian 3D Animator at similar sized companies reported making $65,000.

How 3D Animators at Microsoft Rate Their Compensation

The majority of 3D Animators at Microsoft believe they're compensated fairly. 92% of 3D Animators at Microsoft say they receive annual bonuses, and the vast majority (84%) are satisfied with their benefits. See more compensation ratings at Microsoft

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