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Kathleen Kenney — Vice President at Stop & Shop

Kathleen Kenney — Vice President at Stop & Shop

Executive Bio

Kathleen Kenney serves as the Vice President of Stop & Shop. Kathleen currently resides in the Greater Boston Area.

Executive Team Culture Ratings from Stop & Shop Employees

Stop & Shop's Executive Team scores in the Bottom 15%
of similar sized companies on Comparably

Who ranks the Executive Team the highest?

Tenure - Less than 1 Year 100/100
Department - All Industries 88/100
Tenure - 2 to 5 Years 80/100

Who ranks the Executive Team the lowest?

Department - Customer Success 15/100
Ethnicity - Other 29/100
Department - Product 35/100

Stop & Shop's Executive Team at a Glance

Based on 234 ratings, Stop & Shop's employees are less satisfied with their Executive Team and give them a “D” or 52/100. On average, Women provided higher ratings for their Executive Team compared to Men. Also, the All Industries department thinks more highly of the Executive Team relative to the Customer Success department.

Stop & Shop's Executive Team ranks in the Bottom 15% of other companies on Comparably that also have 10,000+ Employees.

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