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gaye thurston — Regional Human Resources Manager at UBS

gaye thurston — Regional Human Resources Manager at UBS

gaye thurston holds the Regional Human Resources Manager position on UBS' Human Resources team. As Regional Human Resources Manager, gaye thurston is an important member of UBS' leadership. gaye thurston is entrusted with maintaining the happiness of employees, whether it be through company outings, benefits, or perks.

UBS HR Department Impact

UBS human resources has a direct relationship with cultivating company culture and retention of its employees. UBS' human resources team has earned UBS a C+ in office culture and a C- for their retention efforts. 50% of employees approve of the job their HR team is doing.

HR Department Responsibilities

UBS' human resources is generally tasked with hiring, orienting, and creating the work atmosphere. On average, 67% of employees at UBS look forward to going into work each morning and interacting with their co-workers. The majority of employees at UBS say the work environment created by their HR team is positive; rating it a B- and ranking them in the Top 40% of similar sized companies on Comparably.

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