Brand Intelligence Tools

Gain Vital Insight Into Your Customers & Competitors

Get valuable insight into both your competitors' customer feedback data and your own, and gain competitive advantage

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Our Customers Include

  • ADP
  • Uber
  • HubSpot
  • salesforce
  • GoDaddy
  • Stanley Black and Decker

Customer Benchmarks

See the data coming from your customer feedback and how you compare

  • NPS, Customer Loyalty and More

    Explore in depth customer data, see how different demographic groups rate various aspects of your company, and compare the data to your competitors and benchmarks in your industry.

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Customer Benchmarks

Social Selling & Employee Advocacy

Turn your employees into marketers with Social Selling Tools

  • Slack & Microsoft Teams Integration

    Tap into the network of your employees and 10x your organic reach. Push your content to the tools you already use & instantly share on social media networks. Gamify with your team using our content sharing leaderboard.

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Slack & Microsoft Teams Integration

Customer Testimonials & Case Studies

Harness the power of social proof and increase your conversions

  • Easily Collect, Create, and Share Testimonials

    Automate your customer feedback collection and create web-ready Testimonials & Case Studies. Let your customers do the talking for you, and show how your brand & products set you apart from the competition.

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Customer Testimonials & Case Studies

Social Sentiment Tools

Track the online sentiment of your brand and analyze sentiment trend over time

  • Analyze and compare your brand’s online sentiment

    View the most positive and negative mentions, and see how your brand compares to your competitors. Find out who your top fans and critics are and see what other accounts are being mentioned with you also.

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Social Sentiment

Executive Amplification

Position your leaders to make an impact online

  • Easily post on behalf of your executive leaders on social networks

    Companies with the most respected and visionary leaders will win the war for customers, talent, and investment. Leverage your organizations’ leaders and network to influence customers & amplify your brand.

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Executive Amplification