Study: 10 Popular Tech Jobs That Pay More Than $150K

The average computer or tech-related job in this country pays just over $91,000. The median household income for all U.S. jobs is just over $63,000. It doesn’t take an IT hotshot to do the math implied and come to the conclusion that the tech industry is still the hottest market around when it comes to outsized salaries.

Comparably sought to give readers a sense of the increasing paycheck sizes in the tech world by looking at 10 of the highest-paying, most popular jobs available in the tech sector. Our target range was jobs that made more than $150,000 per year, however, found several jobs had broken the $200,000 barrier – and one even nets a yearly average compensation of more than $300,000. After getting a sense of the jobs earning such high paychecks for tech employees, we dug deeper to determine whether certain, sometimes unfortunate imbalances persist in regard to gender and ethnicity. And finally, we looked at a handful of major tech hub cities to see which metros offer the best paychecks for each job.

The results

  • The highest-paying tech jobs rely more on business savvy than technical acumen, although it can be assumed that a good percentage of people in these jobs worked their way up through lower-rung tech-based jobs.
  • The highest-paying job is Vice President of Sales, where total average compensation is over $300K.
  • All of the jobs that pay approximately, or more than, $200K are VP roles.

Compensation by gender

  • As evidence of the continued gender-based salary bias in tech, women earned more than men on average in only two roles: Director of Engineering and VP of Engineering.
  • The largest imbalances favoring men are found in the roles of VP of Business Development (men make 8.6% more on average) and Director of Finance (men make 10% more on average).
  • The closest gender pay parity exists in the roles of Director of Engineering, Principal Engineer, and VP of Engineering.

Compensation by ethnicity

  • Salaries for the role of Vice President of Sales – overall the highest for the study – were also the highest for each ethnicity.
  • Among these jobs, workers who declined to identify as any one ethnicity (“Other”) were paid the highest average amount most often in six jobs. This is true for the roles of VP of Sales, VP of Engineering, VP of Operations, Director of Finance, Director of Security, and Principal Engineer.
  • Asian-American/Pacific Islanders command some of the highest salaries, dominating three jobs: VP of Marketing, Director of Engineering, and Director of Product.
  • Caucasians were highest-paid for one role: VP of Business Development.
  • In 9 out of the 10 roles, African-Americans and Hispanic/Latinos were paid the least compared to their counterparts.
  • In the role of Director of Security, Hispanic/Latinos out-earned every other ethnicity with the exception of the “Other” group.
  • African-Americans were paid the least in 8 out of 10 jobs, but out-earned Hispanic/Latinos in the Director of Finance and Principal Engineer roles.

Compensation by location

  • Salaries for the role of Vice President of Sales – overall highest for the study and for each ethnicity – were also the highest for each metro.
  • The San Francisco Bay Area continues to pay out the highest salaries, offering top pay for five roles: VP of Engineering, VP of Marketing, VP of Sales, Director of Engineering, and Director of Finance.
  • Directors of Product and Principal Engineers make the highest salaries in Seattle.
  • Directors of Security make the highest salaries in New York.
  • VPs of Operations and VPs of Business Development were compensated the best in Boston.
  • Compared to the other major tech hubs, Los Angeles doesn’t command any of the top salaries. However, VPs of Sales made $286,919, a still impressive compensation by any measure. And VPs of Business Development made $190,991 on average, outpacing salaries for that role in NYC and Seattle.
  • While the up-and-coming city of Austin compensates toward the lower end for most of the roles listed, the average monthly rent there is currently the least expensive among the six cities making it an attractive place to live.


  • The 10 roles included in this report are based on the average median salary records of 12,218 employees in those jobs, and do not include stocks or equity.
  • Individual jobs needed a minimum of 500 records nationwide to be considered statistically significant for inclusion.
  • Salaries shown are averages for workers of all education levels, genders, and ethnicities.
  • Data was collected between October 2018 and October 2019.
  • Comparably’s compensation database includes hundreds of thousands of self-submitted salary records from employees nationwide. Employees hail from small, mid-size, and large tech companies (VC-funded, privately-held, and public) to household brands such as Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, Google, and Uber.

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