Bank of America Market President of Kansas City

Gary C. Jankowitz

Market President of Kansas City at Bank of America

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Professional Background

Mr. Gary C. Jankowitz has been Market President of Kansas City at Bank of America Corporation since November 2015. Mr. Jankowitz serves as the Bank of America enterprise leader in Kansas City. Mr. Jankowitz works across the region to connect Bank of Americas business lines to deliver integrated financial services to individuals, families and businesses. He also leads Bank of Americas corporate social responsibility work in the market, which leverages the capabilities of Bank of America to help partners, people, communities and a broad client and customer base more effectively address a wide range of issues. He has knowledge of the Kansas City region and leadership as market president. He has outstanding leadership credentials to the market president role. He served as market integration executive and worked with regional and market line of business leaders to drive business integration. He began his career with Merrill Lynch in 2006 as a Financial Advisor in the Short Hills complex in New Jersey. He held several leadership positions, including Business Manager and Administrative Manager in the Morristown complex (New Jersey) and Administrative Manager in the World Financial Center complex (New York). He serves as a Director of the Kansas City complex for Merrill Lynch Wealth Management, consisting of the Leawood, Kansas City, Wichita and Springfield, Mo., offices. He is a Member of the Central New Jersey Chapter of American Mensa. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Mathematics from Rutgers University in New Jersey.


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