Best Company CEO (Large Companies)

These are the Top 100 highest-rated CEOs of 2021, according to anonymous employee feedback on over the past 12 months. This distinction is segmented into two ranked lists: Top 100 CEOs from Large companies (more than 500 employees) and Top 100 CEOs from Small/Mid-Size companies (500 employees or fewer). Read Methodology

  1. 1
    Shantanu Narayen Adobe's CEO
    Shantanu Narayen
    • Adobe
    • San Jose, CA
    Our CEO acts like an adult. He doesn't make a fool of himself on Twitter. And he makes an active effort to do good things for the global community.
    Adobe Employee
  2. 2
    Arvind Krishna IBM's CEO
    Arvind Krishna
    • IBM
    • Armonk, NY
    Our CEO has the ability to inspire, create a sense of belonging and caring, and communicating long term vision.
    IBM Employee
  3. 3
    Satya Nadella Microsoft's CEO
    Satya Nadella
    • Microsoft
    • Redmond, WA
    Satya Nadella is really inspiring. He has a good vision, and his global strategy is excellent.
    Microsoft Employee
  4. 4
    Eric Yuan Zoom Video Communications' CEO
    Eric Yuan
    • Zoom Video Communications
    • San Jose, CA
    Eric's focus on happiness - for our customers and our employees - is infectious and permeates the organization from the top down.
    Zoom Video Communications Employee
  5. 5
    Jim Loree Stanley Black & Decker's CEO
    Jim Loree
    • Stanley Black & Decker
    • New Britain, CT
    Communicative, passionate, driven, balanced, and innovative.
    Stanley Black & Decker Employee
  6. 6
    Vladimir Shmunis RingCentral's CEO
    Vladimir Shmunis
    • RingCentral
    • Belmont, CA
    The CEO is a very down to earth person, a great human being, and a huge advocate for diversity and equity.
    RingCentral Employee
  7. 7
    Henry Schuck ZoomInfo's CEO
    Henry Schuck
    • ZoomInfo
    • Vancouver, WA
    Works his tail off and leads by example which is all I need as an employee to stay motivated so we can collectively exceed our goals and win together.
    ZoomInfo Employee
  8. 8
    Barry McCarthy Peloton's CEO
    Barry McCarthy
    • Peloton
    • New York, NY
    I believe that John Foley is one of the kindest, most earnest people I know.
    Peloton Employee
  9. 9
    Sundar Pichai Google's CEO
    Sundar Pichai
    • Google
    • Mountain View, CA
    Sundar Pichai is a very good man; he gives a lot of benefits to his employees. It is is a very fun and profound experience working at Google.
    Google Employee
  10. 10
    Dan Rosensweig Chegg's CEO
    Dan Rosensweig
    • Chegg
    • Santa Clara, CA
    I love Dan Rosensweig's passion for the education tech space. When he speaks at the all hands, he always manages to make me feel appreciated and proud to work for Chegg.
    Chegg Employee
  11. 11
    Sarah Friar Nextdoor's CEO
    Sarah Friar
    • Nextdoor
    • San Francisco, CA
    I am proud to have a female CEO and appreciate Sarah's approach to her role.
    Nextdoor Employee
  12. 12
    Kumsal Bayazit Elsevier's CEO
    Kumsal Bayazit
    • Elsevier
    • New York, NY
    Our CEO brings a strong people focus as well as a clear, compelling vision and strategy.
    Elsevier Employee
  13. 13
    Jeffrey Dailey Farmers Insurance's CEO
    Jeffrey Dailey
    • Farmers Insurance
    • Woodland Hills, CA
    Our CEO has done a great job of providing continued, transparent communication as we have navigated working through the pandemic.
    Farmers Insurance Employee
  14. 14
    Bert Bean Insight Global's CEO
    Bert Bean
    • Insight Global
    • Atlanta, GA
    Bert is a human being and he never forgets that we are all human beings. His ability to get vulnerable and relate to his people no matter what walk of life they come from is truly inspirational.
    Insight Global Employee
  15. 15
    Tomer Weingarten SentinelOne's CEO
    Tomer Weingarten
    • SentinelOne
    • Mountain View, CA
    Very bright, very committed, and very invested in the company and employees.
    SentinelOne Employee
  16. 16
    Archie Black SPS Commerce's CEO
    Archie Black
    • SPS Commerce
    • Minneapolis, MN
    The goal of reducing systemic racism has been very apparent in our company through the last couple of years, and I know our CEO is very passionate about it.
    SPS Commerce Employee
  17. 17
    Bryce Maddock TaskUs' CEO
    Bryce Maddock
    • TaskUs
    • New Braunfels, TX
    Bryce knows how to take care of his employees, most especially during this pandemic.
    TaskUs Employee
  18. 18
    Mike Salvino DXC Technology's CEO
    Mike Salvino
    • DXC Technology
    • Ashburn, VA
    The CEO is really showing care for the people. Whenever there is a townhall with Mike, I feel that he is prioritizing the people.
    DXC Technology Employee
  19. 19
    Leslie Stretch Medallia's CEO
    Leslie Stretch
    • Medallia
    • San Francisco, CA
    Leslie is a visionary - a smart, far-sighted, humble and empathetic leader who has been running the organization with passion.
    Medallia Employee
  20. 20
    Kenneth Lin Credit Karma's CEO
    Kenneth Lin
    • Credit Karma
    • Sunnyvale, CA
    The CEO genuinely cares about the company, its employees and the mission statement of CK.
    Credit Karma Employee
  21. 21
    Robert G. Painter Trimble's CEO
    Robert G. Painter
    • Trimble
    • Oakland, CA
    Rob is doing an absolutely brilliant job. I'm inspired by his passion and genuineness.
    Trimble Employee
  22. 22
    Dara Khosrowshahi Uber's CEO
    Dara Khosrowshahi
    • Uber
    • San Francisco, CA
    Dara is inspiring and I look forward to his updates at our Global All Hands.
    Uber Employee
  23. 23
    Anne Wojcicki 23andMe's CEO
    Anne Wojcicki
    • 23andMe
    • Sunnyvale, CA
    Anne is a really cool and down-to-earth CEO.
    23andMe Employee
  24. 24
    Carlos Rodriguez ADP's CEO
    Carlos Rodriguez
    • ADP
    • Roseland, NJ
    Very down to earth, approachable and visits the many different sites to stay in touch with the associates.
    ADP Employee
  25. 25
    Timothy Cook Apple's CEO
    Timothy Cook
    • Apple
    • Cupertino, CA
    Always looking for feedback on how to improve and often institute changes based upon feedback.
    Apple Employee
  26. 26
    Judy R. McReynolds ArcBest's CEO
    Judy R. McReynolds
    • ArcBest
    • Fort Smith, AR
  27. 27
    Brian Cassin Experian's CEO
    Brian Cassin
    • Experian
    • Costa Mesa, CA
  28. 28
    Chris Caldwell Concentrix's CEO
    Chris Caldwell
    • Concentrix
    • Fremont, CA
  29. 29
    Aman Bhutani GoDaddy's CEO
    Aman Bhutani
    • GoDaddy
    • Tempe, AZ
  30. 30
    Laurent Uberti Sitel Group's CEO
    Laurent Uberti
    • Sitel Group
    • Miami, FL
  31. 31
     KeepTruckin's CEO
    KeepTruckin CEO
    • KeepTruckin
    • San Francisco, CA
  32. 32
    Mary Powell Sunrun's CEO
    Mary Powell
    • Sunrun
    • San Francisco, CA
  33. 33
    Daniel Dines UiPath's CEO
    Daniel Dines
    • UiPath
    • New York, NY
  34. 34
    James Farley Ford Motor Company's CEO
    James Farley
    • Ford Motor Company
    • Dearborn, MI
  35. 35
    Joe Ucuzoglu Deloitte (US) CEO
    Joe Ucuzoglu
    • Deloitte (US)
    • New York, NY
  36. 36
    Zig Serafin Qualtrics' CEO
    Zig Serafin
    • Qualtrics
    • Provo, UT
  37. 37
    Mike Sievert T-Mobile's CEO
    Mike Sievert
    • T-Mobile
    • Bellevue, WA
  38. 38
    Tim Ryan PwC's CEO
    Tim Ryan
    • PwC
    • New York, NY
  39. 39
    Pierre Naudé nCino's CEO
    Pierre Naudé
    • nCino
    • Wilmington, NC
  40. 40
    Bradley Jacobs XPO Logistics' CEO
    Bradley Jacobs
    • XPO Logistics
    • Greenwich, CT
  41. 41
    Andrew Wang Beacon Hill Staffing Group's CEO
    Andrew Wang
    • Beacon Hill Staffing Group
    • Boston, MA
  42. 42
    Carl Russo Calix's CEO
    Carl Russo
    • Calix
    • San Jose, CA
  43. 43
    John Girard CIENCE's CEO
    John Girard
    • CIENCE
    • Denver, CO
  44. 44
    Amit Yoran Tenable's CEO
    Amit Yoran
    • Tenable
    • Columbia, MD
  45. 45
    Ryan Roslansky LinkedIn's CEO
    Ryan Roslansky
    • LinkedIn
    • Sunnyvale, CA
  46. 46
    Zander Lurie's CEO
    Zander Lurie
    • San Mateo, CA
  47. 47
    Ian Siegel ZipRecruiter's CEO
    Ian Siegel
    • ZipRecruiter
    • Santa Monica, CA
  48. 48
    Mike Massaro Flywire's CEO
    Mike Massaro
    • Flywire
    • Boston, MA
  49. 49
    Mike Rosenbaum Guidewire Software's CEO
    Mike Rosenbaum
    • Guidewire Software
    • San Mateo, CA
  50. 50
    Andrew Bialecki Klaviyo's CEO
    Andrew Bialecki
    • Klaviyo
    • Boston, MA
  51. 51
    Aaron VanTrojen Geneva Financial Home Loans' CEO
    Aaron VanTrojen
    • Geneva Financial Home Loans
    • Chandler, AZ
  52. 52
    John Box Meltwater's CEO
    John Box
    • Meltwater
    • San Francisco, CA
  53. 53
    Kevin Ali Organon's CEO
    Kevin Ali
    • Organon
    • Jersey City, NJ
  54. 54
    Glenn Kelman Redfin's CEO
    Glenn Kelman
    • Redfin
    • Seattle, WA
  55. 55
    Wes Schroll Fetch Rewards' CEO
    Wes Schroll
    • Fetch Rewards
    • Chicago, IL
  56. 56
    Annette Brüls Medela's CEO
    Annette Brüls
    • Medela
    • Mchenry, IL
  57. 57
    Jason Zintak 6sense's CEO
    Jason Zintak
    • 6sense
    • San Francisco, CA
  58. 58
    Amy Zupon Vertafore's CEO
    Amy Zupon
    • Vertafore
    • Denver, CO
  59. 59
    Thomas Troy CSAA Insurance Group, a AAA Insurer's CEO
    Thomas Troy
    • CSAA Insurance Group, a AAA Insurer
    • Walnut Creek, CA
  60. 60
    William J. (John) Berger Sunnova Energy International, Inc. CEO
    William J. (John) Berger
    • Sunnova Energy International, Inc.
    • Houston, TX
  61. 61
    Lisa Su AMD's CEO
    Lisa Su
    • AMD
    • Santa Clara, CA
  62. 62
    Mahe Bayireddi Phenom's CEO
    Mahe Bayireddi
    • Phenom
    • Ambler, PA
  63. 63
    Carmine Di Sibio Ernst & Young (EY) CEO
    Carmine Di Sibio
    • Ernst & Young (EY)
    • New York, NY
  64. 64
    Steve Majerus Synergy One Lending's CEO
    Steve Majerus
    • Synergy One Lending
    • San Diego, CA
  65. 65
    Ben Peterson Blue Raven Solar's CEO
    Ben Peterson
    • Blue Raven Solar
    • Orem, UT
  66. 66
    David Katzman SmileDirectClub's CEO
    David Katzman
    • SmileDirectClub
    • Nashville, TN
  67. 67
    Patrick Pacious Choice Hotels' CEO
    Patrick Pacious
    • Choice Hotels
    • Rockville, MD
  68. 68
    Hayes Barnard GoodLeap's CEO
    Hayes Barnard
    • GoodLeap
    • Roseville, CA
  69. 69
    Mitch Snyder Bell's CEO
    Mitch Snyder
    • Bell
    • Fort Worth, TX
  70. 70
    Alex Shootman Alkami Technology's CEO
    Alex Shootman
    • Alkami Technology
    • Atlanta , GA
  71. 71
    Ron Alvesteffer Service Express' CEO
    Ron Alvesteffer
    • Service Express
    • Grand Rapids, MI
  72. 72
    Sam Malouf Malouf Companies' CEO
    Sam Malouf
    • Malouf Companies
    • Logan, UT
  73. 73
    Joseph Russell Jr. Public Storage's CEO
    Joseph Russell Jr.
    • Public Storage
    • Glendale, CA
  74. 74
    Raj Mamodia BRILLIO's CEO
    Raj Mamodia
    • Edison, NJ
  75. 75
    Ed Bastian Delta Air Lines' CEO
    Ed Bastian
    • Delta Air Lines
    • Santa Clara, CA
  76. 76
    Robert Santella IPC Systems' CEO
    Robert Santella
    • IPC Systems
    • Jersey City, NJ
  77. 77
    Tarun Raisoni Rahi's CEO
    Tarun Raisoni
    • Rahi
    • Fremont, CA
  78. 78
    Hirokazu Hamada Anritsu Company's CEO
    Hirokazu Hamada
    • Anritsu Company
    • Morgan Hill, CA
  79. 79
    Himanshu Palsule Cornerstone OnDemand's CEO
    Himanshu Palsule
    • Cornerstone OnDemand
    • Santa Monica, CA
  80. 80
    Tom Schoenherr Ambry Genetics' CEO
    Tom Schoenherr
    • Ambry Genetics
    • Aliso Viejo, CA
  81. 81
    Tony Strange Aveanna Healthcare's CEO
    Tony Strange
    • Aveanna Healthcare
    • Atlanta, GA
  82. 82
    Enrique Lores HP Inc. CEO
    Enrique Lores
    • HP Inc.
    • Palo Alto, CA
  83. 83
    Nikesh Arora Palo Alto Networks' CEO
    Nikesh Arora
    • Palo Alto Networks
    • Santa Clara, CA
  84. 84
    Michael Jackowski Duck Creek Technologies' CEO
    Michael Jackowski
    • Duck Creek Technologies
    • Boston, MA
  85. 85
    Fred Turner Curative's CEO
    Fred Turner
    • Curative
    • San Dimas, CA
  86. 86
    Tomas Gorny Nextiva's CEO
    Tomas Gorny
    • Nextiva
    • Scottsdale, AZ
  87. 87
    Amr ElSawy Noblis' CEO
    Amr ElSawy
    • Noblis
    • Reston, VA
  88. 88
    Christian Klein SAP's CEO
    Christian Klein
    • SAP
    • Newtown Square, PA
  89. 89
    Doug Mack Fanatics Commerce's CEO
    Doug Mack
    • Fanatics Commerce
    • Jacksonville, FL
  90. 90
    Harley Lippman Genesis10 CEO
    Harley Lippman
    • Genesis10
    • New York, NY
  91. 91
    Scott Strazik GE Power's CEO
    Scott Strazik
    • GE Power
    • Schenectady, NY
  92. 92
    Brian Cramer Smarsh's CEO
    Brian Cramer
    • Smarsh
    • Portland, OR
  93. 93
    Chuck Goodrich Gaylor Electric's CEO
    Chuck Goodrich
    • Gaylor Electric
    • Indianapolis, IN
  94. 94
    Michelle Abbey Radancy's CEO
    Michelle Abbey
    • Radancy
    • New York, NY
  95. 95
    Marty Bonick Ardent Health Services' CEO
    Marty Bonick
    • Ardent Health Services
    • Nashville, TN
  96. 96
    Ryan Northington Simplus' CEO
    Ryan Northington
    • Simplus
    • Salt Lake City, UT
  97. 97
    Jason Trevisan CarGurus' CEO
    Jason Trevisan
    • CarGurus
    • Cambridge, MA
  98. 98
    Jennifer Scanlon UL LLC's CEO
    Jennifer Scanlon
    • UL LLC
    • Northbrook, IL
  99. 99
    Steve Tzikakis Sitecore's CEO
    Steve Tzikakis
    • Sitecore
    • San Francisco, CA
  100. 100
    Bill Nictakis Shearer's Foods' CEO
    Bill Nictakis
    • Shearer's Foods
    • Massillon, OH