Best Work-Life Balance 2021 (Small & Midsize Companies)

These are the Top 100 highest-rated companies for Work-Life Balance in 2021, according to anonymous employee feedback on to a variety of questions regarding the topic.This distinction is segmented into two lists: Large companies (more than 500 employees) and Small/Mid-Size companies (500 employees or fewer). Read Methodology

  1. 1
    Course Hero
    • Redwood City, CA
    They have created a very parent-friendly company culture.
    Course Hero Employee
  2. 2
    • New York , NY
    Namely cares about its employees and conveys how important it is to have family vacations or personal days to let your mind breathe and practice good mental health habits.
    Namely Employee
  3. 3
    • San Francisco, CA
    I like the caregiver stipend. It shows that the company cares for balance in work and life and will support us to maintain the balance.
    Strava Employee
  4. 4
    • Boston, MA
    Flexible work hours and unlimited vacation time is a real game changer! Also, the quarterly $500 Lifestyle Benefit reimbursement for areas related to wellness is amazing!
    Kyruus Employee
  5. 5
    Verisys Corporation
    • Louisville, KY
    I like how much PTO we are given. I think it's great that if I feel I am bring worn out I can take a break from work for a little while so that I can come back better.
    Verisys Corporation Employee
  6. 6
    Fetch Rewards
    • Chicago, IL
    Fetch Rewards offers free and easily accessible wellness services (wellness coach, wellness trainings, fitness and meditation classes, etc.)
    Fetch Rewards Employee
  7. 7
    • San Francisco, CA
    The variety of time off, the holiday break, and the urging from management/e-staff to take off as much as possible all suggest that your personal nourishment is very important to the company.
    Mixpanel Employee
  8. 8
    • San Diego, CA
    I love that GoSite allows me to have the work life balance that I wish. I can work from anywhere meaning that I can visit friends and family and still be able to accomplish my tasks.
    GoSite Employee
  9. 9
    • Austin, TX
    People are able to share a reasonable amount of their personal life and feel sincerely cared for at and away from work. Employee
  10. 10
    • Lehi, UT
    I have a meaningful amount of flexibility associated how, when and where I do my job.
    Motivosity Employee
  11. 11
    • Ontario , Canada
    I like the flexibility, both in terms of where I can work (office or at home) and the time (I can work when it works for me, and we have ample time off).
    TextNow Employee
  12. 12
    SmartBug Media
    • Newport Beach, CA
    The flexibility of our working hours makes work a lot less stressful for the days that you have a doctors appointment, or simply need to run an errand.
    SmartBug Media Employee
  13. 13
    SADA Systems
    • North Hollywood, CA
    Unlimited PTO. Not only is it truly unlimited, it is culturally mandated that we take time off. Team members will PUSH you to take days off.
    SADA Systems Employee
  14. 14
    • San Francisco, CA
    I love the Recharge days that have been instituted post-Covid where everyone takes off on the same day They have been invaluable to my mental health.
    Syapse Employee
  15. 15
    The Hollister Group
    • Boston, MA
    I am not expected to be ‘tied to my desk’, and am encouraged to take a break to go for a walk, go to the gym, or join our CEO in meditation.
    The Hollister Group Employee
  16. 16
    Lulu Press
    • Raleigh, NC
    I like the flexibility to work at home or adjust hours when I have personal/family needs.
    Lulu Press Employee
  17. 17
    Classy Llama
    • Springfield, MO
    I like that I have the flexibility to take time off as needed for my family (illness, appointments, etc.) without being penalized.
    Classy Llama Employee
  18. 18
    • Woodland Hills, CA
    I love that I get compensated for fitness/wellness.
    Theorem Employee
  19. 19
    • Mountain View, CA
    Our company understands its employees are humans, and acknowledges the value afforded by the perk of being to work anywhere in the world.
    Stampli Employee
  20. 20
    Paragon Technology Group
    • Scott AFB, IL
    Love the work/Life balance and flexibilty in schedule.
    Paragon Technology Group Employee
  21. 21
    • New York , NY
    Real unlimited PTO, as in they ask you if you've taken your days off. A clear concern for mental health.
    Ribbon Employee
  22. 22
    • La Jolla, CA
    As a result of the benefits package, I also get to train with my boss, who is a 22 time Ironman competitor, which really makes me enjoy work. Employee
  23. 23
    LRP Media Group
    • Palm Beach, FL
    They really do care about family and will work around your family needs. They show they do care about you as a person.
    LRP Media Group Employee
  24. 24
    • Cambridge, MA
    I never feel like I have to sacrifice time off for the sake of the team in the toxic competitive way I've heard about from other places. We're encouraged to take the time we need.
    Wistia Employee
  25. 25
    Jam City
    • Culver City, CA
    Good attention to personal wellness and work/life balance.
    Jam City Employee
  26. 26
    Territory Foods
    • Arlington, VA
  27. 27
    • Overland Park, KS
  28. 28
    NWN Carousel
    • Waltham, MA
  29. 29
    • Atlanta, GA
  30. 30
    Who What Wear
    • Los Angeles, CA
  31. 31
    • Lehi, UT
  32. 32
    • Scottsdale, AZ
  33. 33
    • San Francisco, CA
  34. 34
    • Cambridge, MA
  35. 35
    • Boston, MA
  36. 36
    • San Francisco, CA
  37. 37
    • Redwood City, CA
  38. 38
    NetCentrics Corporation
    • Herndon, VA
  39. 39
    The Mom Project
    • Chicago, IL
  40. 40
    • Austin, TX
  41. 41
    Sensei Biotherapeutics
    • Boston, MA
  42. 42
    The Change Company
    • Irvine, CA
  43. 43
    • Toronto, Canada
  44. 44
    Nature's Sunshine Products
    • Lehi, UT
  45. 45
    • San Francisco, CA
  46. 46
    • Winter Park, FL
  47. 47
    • Bellingham, WA
  48. 48
    Archer Education
    • Overland Park, KS
  49. 49
    Ambassador Labs
    • Boston, MA
  50. 50
    • Oakland, CA