Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I delete my Comparably account?

    Please email [email protected] and your account will be deleted promptly by our customer service team. Please allow 24 business hours for final confirmation. When emailing Comparably, please make sure to include the email address you signed up with, or there may be a delay in being able to remove the account.

  • How do I delete the reviews and ratings I left on Comparably?

    When your account is deleted on Comparably all your ratings and reviews are immediately removed. There may be a small period of time they still show as indexed in Google (but not on Comparably). Separately, a user can request to keep their account, but to have their anonymous reviews/ratings removed. If you would like to have your account or reviews removed, please email [email protected] and allow 24 business hours to have your request processed.

  • Is my identity kept private and anonymous on Comparably?

    Yes, all user identities are kept private and anonymous on Comparably. We never share your identity with an employer. We ask for demographic data like gender, race, and location in order to provide more valuable insights for employees about companies. In certain cases where we showcase demographic results in conjunction with a Company, we have threshold filters to ensure the identity of the employee is protected. We encourage employees not to leave a review that could personally identify them.

  • How do I leave employee reviews about my company on Comparably?

    Visit your company page on Comparably, and click on the “Rate your company” button. You'll be prompted to answer a couple questions and during that process you'll be able to leave a written review of the company. In addition, you can leave a review about your company in our Q&A section on company pages and also answer questions as a prospective job seeker about your company.

  • How do I change my current company on Comparably?

    Log into your account on Comparably and visit the Work History section under your profile. You can update your current company here:

  • How do I update or change my salary data on Comparably?

    Log into your account on Comparably and visit the Work History section under your profile. Click on the pencil icon on your current company. You can update your anonymous salary data here:

  • How do I claim my company page on Comparably?

    Visit your company page on Comparably. At the top of the page is a link to “Claim This Company”. In order to be approved, you must a) register with a valid company email address and b) have a job title that relates to managing the employer brand of your company. Approvals typically happen within 2-3 business hours. If you claim your company on a page after typical business hours or during the weekend, please wait until the following business day for a response. Once you have been approved as a valid owner of your company page, you can invite other team members to access your Comparably Employer Account.

  • What if my company page is already claimed on Comparably and I want to claim it instead?

    If your company page is already claimed and you believe you are the appropriate admin, please email [email protected] with your current work email address and job title, and our team can help connect you to your account owner if appropriate.

  • How do I change the email associated with my account and/or password on Comparably?

    You can update the password on your account during sign-in. Please make sure to click on the “forgot password” link and you'll be prompted to reset your password. In order to change the email address associated with your account you'll need to contact our customer service team at [email protected]. In your email, please include the email address associated with your account, and if appropriate, our team can help assist.

  • Where does the data on my company page come from on Comparably?

    The data on company pages comes from employees leaving anonymous culture ratings and reviews about their employers. The raw scores are input anonymously by employees of the companies. Additional data points such as rank labels and culture grades are roll-up scores aggregated by the collection of individual anonymous employee ratings and reviews.

  • Do I get an employer account when I claim my company page on Comparably?

    Yes, after you claim and are approved, as a valid owner of a company page you get access to the basic Employer Account on Comparably. You'll be able to update most of the data on your employer page with basic access.

  • What are Comparably Employer Brand Solutions?

    Comparably Employer Brand Solutions are the full set of premium features unlocked in an Employer Account when you upgrade to premium. To learn more about premium Comparably Employer Brand Solutions please contact [email protected]

  • How do I contact Comparably? What is the contact information for Comparably?

    During business hours Comparably can be reached by emailing [email protected] for all general inquiries, or [email protected] for all sales-related requests. Our offices are located at 1316 3rd Street Promenade #111, Santa Monica, CA 90401.