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FIDM's Overall Culture is rated C-

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Tonian Hohberg FIDM's CEO
Tonian Hohberg
68 /100

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FIDM Culture At a Glance

6 employees at FIDM have reviewed FIDM across various culture dimensions, providing their opinions on items ranging from executive ratings to the pace at work. The latest review was months ago.

Overall, the 6 FIDM employees give their leadership a grade of D+, or Bottom 25% of similar size companies on Comparably. This includes specific ratings of their executive team, CEO, and manager.

Employees at FIDM are generally satisfied with their total compensation at FIDM, which includes a combination of pay, stock and equity, and benefits.

Overall, employees at FIDM are extremely happy with their team. 6 Participants grade the quality of their coworkers a B. The majority believe the meetings at FIDM are effective, and the majority look forward to interacting with their coworkers.

The majority of employees at FIDM believe the environment at FIDM is positive. Most Participants believe the pace of work at FIDM is comfortably fast. About 80% of the employees at FIDM work 8 hours or less, while 20% of them have an extremely long day - longer than twelve hours.

Overall, the employees at FIDM are generally happy, based on their aggregated ratings of future outlook, customer perception, and their excitement going to work.

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