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Caterpillar is the world’s leading manufacturer of construction and mining equipment, diesel and natural gas engines,... read more
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Caterpillar Inc. Financials

Caterpillar Inc. financial transparency and wellbeing is ranked 4th in comparison to competitors: John Deere, Dresser-Rand, Alamo Group and Columbus McKinnon.

Caterpillar Inc. was founded in 1925. Caterpillar Inc. earned $45,462,000,000 in revenue during the fiscal year ending in 2017 with a 18% increase over 2016's revenue earned.

Number of Employees

Caterpillar Inc. has 98,400 employees and is headquartered in Chicago

Caterpillar Inc. Revenue

Caterpillar Inc. revenue is currently $51,000,000,000.

Caterpillar Inc. Live Stock Price

Employee Opinions on Caterpillar Inc. Financials

Employees at Caterpillar Inc. are confident about the overall future success of their company. Employees have shared that there is a lack fo financial transparency at Caterpillar Inc..

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