Comparably App for Slack

Comparably App for Slack

Comparably app is the easiest way for you and your teammates to share content on Slack and social networks. Multiply the reach of each content piece you share while engaging your team.

Add to Slack

Reach your teams’ social networks with 3 simple commands

Team members can use the commands in a channel or in an 1-on-1 chat.

Customize your content and share with your team with one simple command

You can edit the title and description of your post before sending it out for the teams to share in Slack.

Your team shares the content with their social networks with one click

Team members can easily click on the social media they’d like to share to with the built-in social media buttons.

See which one of your teammates shared the content

Gamify your social promotions, and hold your teammates accountable on engaging with the content you share.

Easily collect feedback from your teams with the command

Whether you are on desktop or mobile devices, you can get feedback from your teammates about your company.

View quick report on how engaged your teammates are with the content you share

Pull up reports instantly without leaving Slack and see how your shared content performed overall.

How to Get Started

Once you click on the Add to Slack button, find your Company name on the search bar and claim your company*

Verify your email

Allow us up to 24 hours to approve your company profile claim

Once you receive the approval email, login to your Comparably account and complete app installation

*If you already have a Comparably company account, you can login, and install the Comparably Slack app on your Account Settings.

Comparably App for Slack

Install the app today and get your team engaged on more curated content with less effort.

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