Where to Promote and Build Your Employer Brand

As an employer, you offer everything a job searcher might want. Your company pays competitive wages, new employees are eligible for an array of attractive benefits, and professional development opportunities exist from day one. Even better, the work is rewarding. You’ve worked hard to build a company culture that emphasizes collaboration, diversity, and autonomy. Despite … Read full-story

Sentiment Analysis: Why Opinion Mining Is a Brand’s Best Friend

Sentiment analysis is the process of determining the overall feeling that people have about your employer brand. Essentially, it lets you know whether you are perceived in a generally positive or negative way by: Your current team members Ex-employees Job candidates Business partners The general public Sentiment analysis is also called opinion mining. The process … Read full-story

Fresh Minds and New Perspective: Why Companies Are Setting Their Sights on Students

Campus recruiting is nothing new. Companies have always targeted college students for recruiting. What’s notable is that these efforts have increased significantly over the past year. In fact, the amount of attention college students are receiving is unprecedented. What’s going on? Why are brands so focused on students when this population is generally less experienced?  … Read full-story

Maximize Your Organic Reach: How to Tap into the Network of Your Employees

The current hiring climate is intense, to say the least. Companies are going to great lengths to recruit and hire talent to meet their staffing needs. Many hiring managers are even increasing their recruiting budgets to pay for sponsored recruiting ads or hire outside recruiting services. There’s nothing wrong with these strategies. The problem is … Read full-story

Tips for Providing Constructive Feedback to Employees in a Remote Workplace

It’s difficult to give less-than-positive feedback in any circumstance. You want to encourage employees to improve performance, not leave them feeling demoralized or insulted. It’s even more challenging in these stressful times when your constructive criticism may just be one of many negatives an employee is trying to process. When your team works remotely, things … Read full-story

Ways to Increase Your Candidate Conversion Rate Without Sacrificing Quality

When it comes to determining whether your recruitment marketing efforts are working, your candidate conversion rate is a key metric. This rate measures the percentage of candidates hired vs. advertised job openings in a specified period of time.  In addition to revealing how successful your recruiting efforts are, this number also reveals information about your … Read full-story

Why Gig Startups Won’t Replace Jobs For the Great Resigners

The Covid lockdown and gig startups accelerated the Great Resignation movement, where talented employees started leaving their well-paying full-time employment. When respective governments imposed the lockdown, employees could not travel to their workplace. They had to work from the comfort of their homes. This comfort made many realize that gig startups are not that bad, … Read full-story

Reskilling Talent Vs. Upskilling Talent

The world of work is rapidly changing. The landscape, once familiar, is becoming far more uncharted, sophisticated, and nuanced. Employers are scrambling to make their workforce the best, most efficient force there is. Unfortunately, for most organizations, this remains a pipe dream. A clear understanding of the unique abilities and traits that each individual within … Read full-story

How Do Fully Distributed Teams Work?

Distributed teams held little general relevance before the pandemic. While they existed within many sectors and businesses, they were few and far between. With hybrid and remote work becoming the new norm, businesses are looking at permanent work solutions that reduce cost and improve productivity. Fully distributed teams have emerged as a possible permanent setup … Read full-story

Using Tech to Sharpen Remote Work

With remote work the new norm, businesses have struggled coming up with new ways to manage employees. As a return to office looks more uncertain, employers are looking at ways they can amp up productivity, efficiency and overall work quality. Remote work itself has seen massive increases in productivity and motivation for employees, allowing better … Read full-story

Using Factors Beyond Salary to Compete for Top Tech Talent

Technology businesses are still under the misconception that they can easily attract top tech talent through a high salary. Numerous applicants with proven track records have started turning down roles because they want more than just a competitive paycheck. Even when they have multiple offers, businesses fail to hire them.  In 2021, the average tech … Read full-story

How to Lead a Hybrid Work Team

Thousands of businesses have been forced to alter their operations as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. In addition, millions of workers have been forced to relocate out of the office and into a remote working environment. Although we are all currently working primarily in this remote setting, it is anticipated that many organizations will … Read full-story

Why Influencer Marketing is So Hot

It is almost impossible to scroll through your Instagram or Facebook feed without seeing some sort of influencer marketing. Every social networking platform is filled with influencers showing off their latest outfits, makeup brands, restaurant recommendations, and much more. From conventional posts on feeds to prominent Instagram and TikTok stories, influencers keep finding ways to … Read full-story

Tips for a Positive Candidate Experience

The current job market is more candidate-driven than it has ever been. Professionals with varying levels of expertise in numerous industries are in high demand, which means they have a pool of options to consider when choosing an employer. The availability of options, along with increased employee negotiating power, has pushed candidate experience to the … Read full-story