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Jeffrey Musser Expeditors International's CEO
Jeffrey Musser

Expeditors International Mission, Vision & Values

Mission Statement

At the core of our cultural philosophy is a mission to exceed customers’ expectations through excellence in global logistics. And we’re unwavering in our commitment to that mission.

Vision Statement

We believe in doing more than what may be asked—to lead with insight and vision that manage the evolving needs of our clients and our company.


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Company Information

1015 3rd Ave, 12th Floor
Seattle, WA
United States of America

Company Description

Expeditors is a global logistics company headquartered in Seattle, Washington. As a Fortune 500 company, they employ over 13,000 trained

Salaries at Expeditors International

Salaries range from a low of $45,872 to a high of $302,621. The jobs with the 3 highest estimated salaries are Group Engineering Manager, VP of Sales, and Corporate Counsel, while the jobs with the lowest 3 estimated salaries are CS Rep, Admin Assistant, and Office Manager.

Average Compensation
Median Compensation

Overall Average Salaries

Highest SalariesAvg.Range**
1Group Engineering Manager$302,621*$120k-$490k
2VP of Sales$298,983*$125k-$700k
3Corporate Counsel$266,501*$179k-$370k
Lowest SalariesAvg.Range**
1CS Rep$45,872*$25k-$105k
2Admin Assistant$52,854*$35k-$60k
3Office Manager$59,026*$32k-$120k

Employer contributed salary*Estimated average salaries**

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