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Gregory Woods Acronova's CEO
Gregory Woods

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227 US Highway, 1 #300
North Brunswick, NJ
United States of America

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Acronova Technology Inc. vows to provide innovative and affordable solutions since 2002.

Key Executives

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Gregory Woods  CEO / President
Gregory Woods
CEO / President
Mr. Gregory A. Woods, also Known as Greg, has been the Chief Executive Officer and President of AstroNova, Inc. since February 1, 2014 and August 29, 2013 respectively. Mr. Woods served as the Chief Operating Officer of Astro-Med from September 6, 2012 to February 1, 2014. Mr. Woods served as an Executive Vice President of Astro-Med Inc. since September 6, 2012 until August 29, 2013. He joined Astro-Med with a strong background in executive management within the electronics manufacturing sector. He served as President or Chief Executive Officer of several industrial electronics firms, including an electronic controls division of Danaher, the diversified global manufacturing company. In these roles, his strategic planning and managerial expertise led to significant domestic and international business growth. He is a Member of several corporate boards and serves on the president's executive advisory board for the Association for Manufacturing Technology, which promotes high technology manufacturing in the United States. He has been Director of AstroNova, Inc. since since January 27, 2014. Mr. Woods graduated with a BA in Physics from Colgate University, a BE in Computer and Mechanical Engineering from Dartmouth College and received an MBA from the University of Rochester.
Stephen M. Petrarca  Vice President of Operations
Stephen M. Petrarca
Vice President of Operations
Mr. Stephen M. Petrarca serves as a Vice President of Operations at Astro-Med, Inc. Mr. Petrarca served as Vice President of Instrument Manufacturing at Astro-Med Inc., since November 1998. He served as General Manager of Manufacturing, Manager of Grass Operations and Manager of Grass Sales for Astro-Med Inc. He has been with Astro Med since 1980. Mr. Petrarca holds an AS in Electronics Technology and attended Bryant College for Business Management.
Joseph P. O'Connell  Interim CFO, Interim Principal Accounting Officer & Vice President of Business Development
Joseph P. O'Connell
Interim CFO, Interim Principal Accounting Officer & Vice President of Business Development
Mr. Joseph P. O'Connell, also known as Joe, has been Vice President of Business Development at AstroNova, Inc. since August 1, 2016 and as its Interim Chief Financial Officer and Interim Principal Accounting Officer since September 1, 2017. Mr. O'Connell served as the Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer of AstroNova, Inc. until August 1, 2016 and its Senior Vice President from May 2007 to August 1, 2016. He serves as Assistant Secretary at AstroNova, Inc. Mr. O'Connell served as Vice President of Astro-Med Inc. until May 16, 2007. He joined Astro Med in 1996. He previously held senior financial management positions with Cherry Tree Products Inc., IBI Corporation and Dennison Manufacturing Company. Mr. O'Connell was a Peace Corps Volunteer and is a graduate of Boston College and holds an MBA from American University.
Michael J. Natalizia  Chief Technology Officer and Vice President
Michael J. Natalizia
Chief Technology Officer and Vice President
Mr. Michael J. Natalizia, also known as Mike, has been the Chief Technology Officer and Vice President at Astro-Med Inc., since March 09, 2012. Mr. Natalizia have the responsibility for all the Astro-Med's Research and Development initiatives and oversee the accelerated development of new products. He has an extensive background in developing both Astro-Med's Test & Measurement and Color Label Printer product lines. His most recent assignment was spearheading the development of the Astro-Med's Ruggedized Product Lines which represents the fastest growing business of Astro-Med. Mr. Natalizia holds Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering and Bachelor of Science in Computer Sciences from Tufts University.
Michael M. Morawetz  Vice President of International Branches
Michael M. Morawetz
Vice President of International Branches
Mr. Michael M. Morawetz has been a Vice President of International Branches Operations at Astro-Med, Inc. since 2006. Mr. Morawetz served as the General Manager of Branch Operations for the German Subsidiary of Astro-Med Inc. He joined Astro-Med Inc. in 1989. He manages sales and operations for the Astro-Med branch offices in Frankfurt, London, Milan, Montreal, Paris and Zw???lle. Mr. Morawetz worked for Astro-Med Inc., for 17 years as Sales and Operations Manager of the Frankfurt, Germany branch office. Previously, he held positions in sales and marketing with Philips and Gould. Mr. Morawetz attended FH Dieburg and earned a Dipl. Ing. (FH).
David S. Smith  VP, Treasurer & CFO
David S. Smith
VP, Treasurer & CFO
Mr. David S. Smith is Vice President, Treasurer and Chief Financial Officer at AstroNova, Inc. January 22, 2018. Mr. Smith's responsibilities at AstroNova includes oversight of financial and information systems functions, including accounting, budgeting, strategic planning, risk management, tax, treasury and investor relations. During his more than 25 years of financial leadership experience at public manufacturing companies, Mr. Smith has served as CFO for multinational companies Dover Corporation and Crane Co. From 2005 to 2008 he was Senior Vice President and CFO of semiconductor company Standard Microsystems Corporation. Most recently, Mr. Smith was a Managing Partner for S.C. Advisors LLC, his financial management consultancy based in Darien, CT. He received his Master's Degree in Business Administration from Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania and his Bachelor of Arts degree from Columbia College, Columbia University.

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