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Amazon Financials

Amazon's financial transparency and wellbeing is ranked 1st in comparison to competitors: Apple, eBay, F5 Networks and Target.

Amazon was founded in 1994.

Number of Employees

Amazon has 154,100 employees and is headquartered in Seattle

Amazon Revenue

Amazon Live Stock Price

Employee Opinions on Amazon Financials

Employees at Amazon are highly confident about the overall future success of their company. One of the sources contributing to their opinion is the financial transparency at Amazon.

Is your current company transparent about the financial status and well being of your company?
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Questions Recently Asked about Amazon

  • How do you feel about Amazon's future?
    Excellent with the way its growing
    Answered 2 years ago
    Very confident!!
    Answered 3 years ago
    they are going to do what makes them money regardless of what they do to their employees.
    Answered 3 years ago
    Very positive
    Answered 3 years ago
    I think it’s very bright as long as we keep our eye on the customers needs.
    Answered 3 years ago
    amazon will chew up and spit out as many people as possible
    Answered 3 years ago
    For me not good long time employees are not appreciated. I have been told by managers that tear three positions were not meant to be held longer than 5 years that is why every year they offer a buyout and now they take away all the perks that help earn a hire paycheck
    Answered 4 years ago
    Jeff Bezos will continue to be obscenely wealthy and we will continue to live in near poverty.
    Answered 4 years ago
    they will survive and conquer
    Answered 4 years ago

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