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89 /100

Last updated 22 days ago

Revenue River's Company Culture, Scored on 18 Different Metrics

Overall Culture at Revenue River is rated an A-

  • Females score it an A-
    90 /100
  • Diversity score is a B-
    80 /100

Across the 18 core culture metrics, Revenue River is rated an A- by the 54 employees that have left culture ratings.

When evaluating the question “should I work at Revenue River?” you should ask yourself if you prioritize Team, Happiness, and Meetings. If those culture dimensions rank highly for you, then Revenue River could be a great fit to apply for a job, as those metrics rank in the top 5 culture dimensions for Revenue River, with Revenue River's Team being in the Top 5% for all similarly sized companies.

This being said, Revenue River does not score as highly for Office Culture or Diversity.

A recent reviewer from the Design department said that the best part of their compensation package was “We are given several choices and are all thoroughly vetted and given a wide variety of options.”


Results from 54 Employees in All Departments, All Genders, All Ethnicities and All Yrs. Experience

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