Shout out to our amazing CEO, Shauna Smith, and all of the great women with Savory and our brands
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Savory, a Mercato Partners Fund, is focused on delivering outsized returns through strategic investments in the food... read more
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See the latest Savory Restaurant Fund jobs on Comparably and how current employees rate their work experience. Along with job listings, we have provided you with company culture data from 36 employees so that you can evaluate your potential Savory Restaurant Fund career. Employees at Savory Restaurant Fund rate their overall culture an “A+” and are very satisfied with their total compensation which includes a combination of pay, stock and equity, and benefits. Savory Restaurant Fund's CEO, Shauna Smith, is rated an “A+” based on 36 employee ratings.


Savory Restaurant Fund's Compensation ranks in the Top 25% of similar sized companies.


Savory Restaurant Fund's Happiness ranks in the Top 10% of similar sized companies.

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