Shout out to our amazing CEO, Shauna Smith, and all of the great women with Savory and our brands
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Shauna Smith Savory Restaurant Fund's CEO
Shauna Smith
97 /100

Миссия, идея и ценности компании Savory Restaurant Fund

Понятны ли вам цели компании? Принимаете ли вы участие в их достижении?


Savory will be known for its people, not necessarily its restaurants or food it sells, but for the great leaders, it creates to go on and create new opportunities for the next generation. Tens of thousands of jobs will be created, and generational wealth will be created through the millions of hours of work put into accomplishing our goals. We will have failures. And through those failures, we will vow to become stronger, not only in our resilience in challenging times but stronger as we unify together to get through the hard times. Those failures will make us great, individually and as a firm. Loyalty will be the foundation of this great company. Loyalty to the brand. Loyalty to the leadership. Loyalty to our investors and shareholders. And most importantly - loyalty to each other - no matter what the situation. We will stand together, on a horizontal leadership structure, and succeed together. Or we will not succeed at all.


"I envision Savory owning and operating hundreds of restaurants across America while ranking among the best places to work in the nation. Savory will not only be known for its great brands but also for its people. We will build future leaders, honing their abilities and talents in a safe environment. Loyalty will be the foundation of this great company. We will be family –– the Savory family."


  • Competence
  • Humility
  • Integrity
  • Positivity

Взгляд на культуру компании Savory Restaurant Fund

36 сотрудников Savory Restaurant Fund оценили свою компанию в различных культурных аспектах, высказав свое мнение по широкому спектру вопросов, начиная с оценки руководства и заканчивая темпом работы. Последний обзор 12 дней назад.

В целом, 36 сотрудников Savory Restaurant Fund оценивают лидерство в компании на A+ или Top 5% среди компаний подобного размера на Comparably. В это входит конкретные рейтинги их команды руководителей, генерального директора и менеджера.

Сотрудники Savory Restaurant Fund довольны компенсацией в Savory Restaurant Fund, которая включает в себя набор из заработной платы, доли компании и акции, а также бенефиты.

В целом, сотрудники Savory Restaurant Fund невероятно довольны своей командой. 36 участников оценивают качество своих коллег на A+. Большинство сотрудников верит, что совещания в Savory Restaurant Fund эффективны, и большинство из них ждут с нетерпением возможности пообщаться с коллегами.

Большинство сотрудников Savory Restaurant Fund верит, что рабочее окружение в Savory Restaurant Fund положительное. Большинство участников верят, что темп работы в Savory Restaurant Fund очень быстрый. Примерно 50% сотрудников Savory Restaurant Fund работают 8 часов или меньше, в то время как у 3% сотрудников экстремально длинный рабочий день - более 12 часов.

В целом, сотрудники Savory Restaurant Fund невероятно счастливы, основываясь на совокупности оценок перспектив, восприятия клиентов и их энтузиазма в работе.

Информация о компании

1557 W Innovation Way
Lehi, UT 84043
United States of America
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Описание компании

Savory, a Mercato Partners Fund, is focused on delivering outsized returns through strategic investments in the food and beverage industry. Savory partners with high-potential, profitable, emerging restaurant brands, to deliver financial capital, industry expertise, revenue opportunities, profitability enhancements, and new location development. The Savory team contributes directly to all aspects of growth and replication by using a proven playbook and methodology. Founder involvement in the expansion of a brand is a central theme of the Savory approach as founders carry the tribal knowledge around the uniqueness that has energized early success and is essential to future growth.

Ключевые руководители

Имя, должность
Shauna Smith  CEO / President
Shauna Smith
CEO / President
With over 12 years of executive management experience in the F&B industry, Shauna serves as President of the Savory Value Add team. This 50-person team of industry veterans supports all Savory portfolio companies in their pursuit of brand efficiency, revenue growth, and site replication. Shauna co-founded Four Foods Group in 2008, a multi-brand restaurant operations and investment company that built and operated 170 restaurants across the U.S. Four Foods surpassed $1B in food and beverage sales in 2019 and was named one of the fastest-growing restaurant operations companies in the nation two years in a row by Restaurant Monitor. Shauna appeared on the cover of the November 2018 issue of Franchise Times with her partner and husband, Andrew K. Smith (co-Founder of Four Foods Group). Four Foods was also an 8-time honoree of the Inc. 500 program between 2011 and 2019. Shauna was a recipient of Utah Business’ 30 Women to Watch in 2019 and Executive of the Year in the 2020 spring edition of BusinessQ Magazine. Utah Business Magazine recently awarded CXO of the Year in 2020. Born and raised in Dothan, Alabama, Shauna resides in Utah with her husband and two sons.
Tyler Neslon  CFO
Tyler Neslon
Tyler is the Chief Financial Officer of the Savory Value-Add Platform. In this role, he leverages his 20 years of experience in accounting and finance, capital structure advisory, development and implementation of infrastructure and controls, and strategic mergers and acquisitions to aid in the Savory Funds investment strategies. Before his current position, Tyler was the Chief Financial Officer of Four Foods Group (FFG), a restaurant investment and management company focused on the underserved lower-middle market in the food and beverage industry. Tyler assisted in developing the FFG platform, successfully integrating and growing five promising food concepts by implementing systems, assembling a best-in-class team, and raising over $75MM in capital for expansion. At FFG, revenue grew from $6MM in 2010 to over $140M in 2017, rising from 5 restaurant locations to 103. Before his tenure at FFG, Tyler served in various financial roles, including CFO, VP of Finance, and Controller of various other businesses in the technology and Real Estate industry. Tyler received a football scholarship to attend Brigham Young University and received a BS in accounting from their nationally recognized accounting program. He enjoys the outdoors and watching his kids play football, baseball, and soccer. He has been married to his beautiful wife, Natalie, for 21 years. He is 46 years old.
Josh Boshard  COO
Josh Boshard
Josh Boshard serves as Chief Operating Officer at the Savory Value Add team, performing as the curator of best practices as he oversees the diverse and extensive controls of the organization. His role as a solution architect enables building and optimizing technology to empower core restaurant operations and program communications. Josh boasts more than 15 years of experience in the restaurant, technology, and insurance industries. Josh joined Andrew Smith at Four Foods Group in 2009 as the second employee. He was a vital component of the success strategy from the early days to grow from one restaurant to 170 locations with 5000+ employees in 10 years. Before Four Foods Group, Josh was the Director of Client Services at AxisPointe Inc. He managed system and process implementation, contract negotiation, risk management controls, insurance compliance, and customer relations for over a thousand national and local construction and development companies. He also served as a lead quality assurance manager on all new technology and product rollouts. At AxisPointe, Josh led his team to year-over-year increases in customer satisfaction and sales generation. As a Producer and General Manager at Advance Insurance, based in St. George, Utah, Josh was responsible for managing all daily functions of the business, including sales, operations, marketing, and client relations. During this time, he was the top insurance producer in the state of Ut.
Maryam Chaney  VP, Food & Beverage
Maryam Chaney
VP, Food & Beverage
Maryam Chaney’s mantra in her oversight of all things food and beverage is “Best Product, Best Process.” Her strength is logistics and acute attention to detail. With more than 25 years of experience in the fields of culinary development and education, supply chain and procurement, compliance, and editing, Maryam deftly spots opportunities for improvement and then moves until the job is done. For all brands in the Savory portfolio, Maryam oversees culinary operations and menu engineering, supply chain and logistics, and food safety and compliance. She manages healthy relationships with Savory’s suppliers, from whom over $30 million of product is purchased annually. Having spent more than 15 years as an editor and award-winning designer, Maryam developed a critical eye that exacts refinement. As a lifelong gastronome, Maryam delights in sharing the enjoyment of food. While running a private catering business, she developed and instructed a popular series of culinary courses for the community education arm of Utah Valley University. Maryam was recognized in 2021 by Utah Business as one of 30 Women to Watch. She received an MBA from BYU’s Marriott School of Business. A picture-perfect day for Maryam is exploring a new town with her husband and four daughters and finding local eats off the beaten path.
Jessica Moyer  VP, Learning & Development
Jessica Moyer
VP, Learning & Development
Jessica is a seasoned restaurant operator and experienced developer of talent. Committed to producing results through innovation and process execution. Experienced multi-unit leader who has successfully managed over $50 million in sales and facilitated the opening of 40+ restaurants and counting with brands including Zupas Café, R&R BBQ, Mo’Bettahs, Kneaders, Little Caesars, and Swig. As a growth-focused, lifetime learner, she leads the creation of content, training, and leadership education that enables the scaling of brands—driven to build systems that simultaneously unleash the power of the individual and produce exceptional business results.
Alonso Castaneda  VP, Brand Development & Strategy
Alonso Castaneda
VP, Brand Development & Strategy
Alonso’s professional career began as a General Manager for Qdoba Mexican Grill in 1998. He excelled in this hype-growth business quickly and worked as a Director of Franchise Operations, Regional Manager, Director of F&B and Director of Sales and Store compliance. Alonso transitioned with the growth team of Qdoba when it was sold to Jack in the Box corporation. He then joined the growth team at Paradise Bakery that ultimately lead to the sale to Panera Bread. Soon after, he joined Karp Reiley’s concept, Café Rio, at store 13 and helped replicate the brand to more than 114 units before he left to join Four Foods Group in 2015. Café Rio ultimately sold to Freeman Spogli in 2018. As VP of Brand Development and Strategy for Four Foods Group, he worked with each portfolio company to implement new strategies, including third-party delivery systems, catering and all inbound sales technologies. Today, Alonso serves as Vice President of Brand Development and Strategy for the Savory value add team implementing these same strategies into all Savory investments.
Brandon Batt  Director of People Operations
Brandon Batt
Director of People Operations
Brandon is a hospitality veteran with over 13 years of talent strategy, leadership, coaching, and customer service experience. He has gained accreditations from Harvard Business School and Society for Human Resource Management and is accepted into the Forbes Human Resources Council. In addition, he was named one of Utah Valley’s 40 under 40 and one of Utah Business Magazine’s HR Achievement Award Honorees. Brandon has been responsible for creating the People Operations department at Savory – leading 100+ restaurant openings as a Director of People.

Лидеры отдела кадров

Имя, должность
Courtney Morris  Director of HR
Courtney Morris
Director of HR
Courtney Morris serves as the Director of HR of .
Elliot West  Sr. People Operations Manager
Elliot West
Sr. People Operations Manager
Elliot West serves as the Sr. People Operations Manager of .

Savory Restaurant Fund Oтзывы от сотрудников

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Положительные отзывы от сотрудников

Каковы самые лучшие качества в вашей команде?

My team is my family. We are all unified and supportive of each other. We celebrate each other's wins and we all learn from the lessons.

Что вам больше всего нравится в команде руководства?

They care about you as a person, as well as a coworker. They care about your goals, and want you to grow with the company. There also does not feel like a disconnect between the leadership team and others. Everyone is treated equally.

Что самое позитивное вы можете сказать о культуре и обстановке на вашей работе?

The culture is built upon positivity and giving everyone the benefit of the doubt. We run at a swift pace as we are a growth company. Because of this pace, there aren't many downtimes that lead to unproductivity, and a productive person is a happy person.

Конструктивные отзывы от сотрудников

Почему вы чувствуете себя недооцененным(ой), и как ваша зарплата могла бы на это повлиять?

I definately feel valued and respected

День из жизни
День из жизни
Сотрудники Savory Restaurant Fund обычно работают 9.3 часов в день
Рабочие часы
День из жизни
Сотрудники Savory Restaurant Fund оценивают темп работы как очень быстрый
Темп работы
День из жизни
100% сотрудников Savory Restaurant Fund с нетерпением ждут встречи со своей командой каждый день
День из жизни
Сотрудники Savory Restaurant Fund чаще всего берут неограниченный дней оплаченного отпуска и больничного в год
Преимущества и бенефиты
День из жизни
91% сотрудников Savory Restaurant Fund говорят, что они довольны балансом работы и личной жизни
Баланс работы и личной жизни
День из жизни
Сотрудники Savory Restaurant Fund обычно каждую неделю получают ценные отзывы о том, как улучшить работу
Обратная связь
День из жизни
100% сотрудников Savory Restaurant Fund называют рабочее окружение в позитивной

Дайте Savory Restaurant Fund знать, что вы там работаете

Рассказать Savory Restaurant Fund о своем интересе к работе в компании, сохраняя анонимность. Comparably предоставит Savory Restaurant Fund возможность нанять вас. Как только появится подходящая вакансия -- мы сделаем так, чтобы вы нашли друг друга.


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Очень быстрый
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Рабочий темп?
В позитивной
В негативной
Позитивная атмосфера?

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Чистый индекс поддержки выводится на основе ответов ваших сотрудников на вопрос "По шкале от 1 до 10, насколько вероятно, что вы порекомендуете друзьям работу в своей компании?"
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