10 SaaS Companies Defining the Future of the Industry

In the SaaS (or “software as a service”) industry model, a third-party provider hosts and makes applications available to customers over the internet. As a major wing of the larger cloud computing industry, SaaS is seeing exponential growth: forecasts predict that by 2021, SaaS revenues are expected to grow to $278.3 billion – that’s a major increase from $175.8 billion in 2018. For those looking to work in the industry, keep an eye on these 10 innovative SaaS companies from across the country.

Location: San Francisco, CA

Salesforce is a global cloud computing company that provides business software on a subscription basis. It is best known for its on-demand customer relationship management (CRM) solutions. It offers users with a customer community, partner community, developer community, and an app exchange marketplace.

They fundamentally believe that corporate work can change the world for the better.”


Salesforce employees rated their overall company culture an A+.

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Location: Cambridge, MA

HubSpot develops cloud-based, inbound marketing software that allows businesses to transform the way that they market online. Its service portfolio includes social media publishing and monitoring, blogging, SEO, website content management, email marketing, marketing automation, and reporting and analytics.

“Hard to pick just one thing I love about this company, but the overall environment and coworkers can’t be beat.”


HubSpot employees rated their overall company culture an A+.

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Location: Quincy, MA

ThriveHive gives small businesses a plan to market their business and an easy-to-use platform to build and measure it all. Its guided marketing platform and mix of digital marketing services helps businesses to eliminate the guesswork, maximize their time, and get back to what’s really important—running their business. 

“We are collaborative, communicative, and fun. I love that each team clearly has a relationship outside of work and considers each other friends, but we can buckle down and knock out a project when necessary.”


ThriveHive employees rated their overall company culture an A-.

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Location: San Francisco, CA

Aravo Solutions delivers the market’s leading third-party risk and performance management solutions.  Its award-winning technology helps organizations to ensure that the companies they do business with are ethical, secure, and deliver better business outcomes.

“They are open to new ideas, encouraging, and always willing to help if you need it.”


Aravo Solutions employees rated their overall company culture an A+.

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Location: Chicago, IL

Showpad, the global leader in sales enablement, empowers sales and marketing teams to deliver better buyer experiences. The Showpad Sales Enablement Platform unifies sales content in an advisory role with buyers.


Showpad employees rated their overall company culture an A.

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Location: Miami Beach, FL

CloudTask is a managed workforce provider for companies looking to increase their sales, customer retention and revenue, through trained and managed teams of outsourced sales, customer support and customer success experts.

“We’re like a family. Everyone cares about one another, we do sporting events together, weekend trips… It truly feels like home away from home.”

97% of CloudTask employees say they look forward to interacting with their coworkers.

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Location: Austin, TX

Praxent is a custom software development and user experience firm. It prototypes, designs and develops custom software that drives business growth. 

“Everyone here thinks beyond the day to day to the bigger picture, whether they are thinking clients or the internal team. I am surrounded by a group of smart, empathetic problem-solvers.”

100% of Praxent employees described their work environment as positive.

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Location: San Francisco, CA

NinjaRMM is the world’s first security centric remote monitoring and management platform. Ninja touts an amazing user experience, 360-degree monitoring, an IT marketplace and tight integrations with products used by MSPs as well as IT professionals.

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Location: Weston, FL

Ultimate Software is a provider of cloud-based people management solutions. Its UltiPro cloud solutions for HR, payroll, and talent are inherently designed to improve the employee experience.

“The relationships that have been built over time makes it feel like my coworkers are family. This motivates you to work hard and grow as an individual within the company.”


Ultimate Software employees rated their overall company culture an A+.

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Location: Austin, TX

Accruent is a global software company that helps organizations achieve superior performance by transforming how they manage their physical resources. Its innovative, industry-leading cloud-based software and services enable organizations to optimize all stages of real estate, facilities and asset management, from capital planning through to IoT-based monitoring and control.

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