24 Awesome Tech Startups You Should Work for in the San Francisco Bay Area

City by the Bay and tech hub of the Western universe, the San Francisco Bay Area is the cultural, financial, and commercial center of northern California. Companies aim to attract and keep the kind of top talent that drives the future here.

Sprouting fast in this major tech city are these 24 startup companies, all of which are making waves with the new ideas and services they’re bringing to the marketplace. You’ll want to get the info on these businesses before they get any bigger.

Industry: AI & Machine Learning|Big Data|Business Services

Import.io is the number one Web Data Integration provider. Import.io deliver the world’s data directly to enterprises, fueling business insight and competitive advantage. The Import.io Web Data Integration solution extracts, prepares and integrates high-quality comprehensive web data into customers’ analytics platforms and business applications.

“CEO is outstanding; aggressively competent, yet willing to listen to anyone at any time. VP of Product is brilliant and it’s a pleasure to have him as a mentor and leader.”

-Employee review


Import.io employees rated their overall culture a A+.

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Industry: Predictive Analytics|AI & Machine Learning|SaaS

People.ai is an artificial intelligence (AI) platform for enterprise revenue. People.ai helps sales, marketing, and customer success teams uncover every revenue opportunity from every customer, by capturing all customer contacts, activity and engagement to drive actionable insights across all revenue teams.

“One of the things we try to do at People.ai is to hire not only qualified people but nice people and I believe we’ve done a great job at that so far.”


People.ai employees rated their overall culture a A+.

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Industry: B2B|Product Design|Business Intelligence

Wizeline is a global product development company that helps its clients solve their biggest challenges with design and technology. Wizeline helps technology leaders build innovative end-to-end products that capture new markets, disrupt business models, and leverage data.

“I have the flexibility I need for delivering as a business professional and mother. What I do every day is challenging and exciting!”

-Employee review


Wizeline employees rated their overall culture a A+.

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Industry: Recruiting|Business Services|Enterprise Software

Lever’s Talent Acquisition Suite unifies organizations to source, nurture, interview, and hire top talent through effortless collaboration. Lever supports the hiring needs of over 2,000 companies around the globe including the teams at Netflix, Hot Topic, KPMG New Zealand, and Cirque du Soleil.

“I have so much respect and admiration for my team. We keep our bar high and it shows- they are incredibly professionals to work beside and on a personal note, just really enjoyable to spend time with.”

-Employee review


Lever employees rated their overall culture a A+.

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Industry: Cloud Computing|Corporate Training|Human Resources

ThinkHR is the leader in integrated HR solutions that leverage trusted knowledge, human expertise and innovative technology designed to help companies rapidly deploy HR best practices across their organizations. Its cloud-based technology platform provides first-class online training to ensure compliance, reduce risk, and drive employee engagement.

“Always available, even to the lowest levels of the company. Willing to listen to any and all feedback. Focused on keeping the culture strong through excellent hiring process, promoting internally, and maintaining the core company values.”

-Employee review


ThinkHR employees rated their overall culture a A+.

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Industry: Asset Management|Project Management

Sitetracker powers the successful deployment of critical infrastructure. Customers include Verizon, Nokia, Fortis, Alphabet, and British Telecom.

“I get to work with one of the best people directors I have ever encountered, who is both exceptional and humble and always open to feedback.”

-Employee review


Sitetracker employees rated their overall culture a A.

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Industry: Tech|Education|E-Learning

Makeschool is redesigning higher education for the 21st century. Its emphasis is on ensuring the relevance of education for the modern economy and accessibility to students of all backgrounds. Students earn a Bachelor’s in Applied Computer Science while studying liberal arts, computer science theory, and product development.

“Great co-workers, positive atmosphere, family-like environment”

-Employee review

Make School is hiring! Check out jobs here!

Industry: Construction|Big Data|Home Improvement

BuildZoom is a marketplace, designed specifically for the construction industry. It has identified the best contractors and architects in the US and work with clients to streamline the pre-construction process and ensure they are matched to the right professional who will see their vision through to completion.

“We have a natural sense of camaraderie and we’re at similar points in life and work. We share the load of work evenly and we’re driven without being obnoxious.”

-Employee review


BuildZoom employees rated their overall culture a A-.

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Industry: Developer APIs|Shipping|Real Time

Lob provides the building blocks for developers to automate the offline world. Enterprise companies use Lob’s suite of APIs to mail fully dynamic and personalized customer communications with print media. It provides insight into deliverability with piece-by-piece tracing and utilizes its proprietary Print Delivery Network to streamline production across fully redundant nodes all over the country.

Lob is hiring! Check out jobs here!

Industry: CRM|Email Marketing|Marketing Automation

Zenreach created Walk-Through Marketing to help businesses with physical locations dramatically improve customer acquisition and lifetime value by connecting digital marketing with in-store results. Zenreach Engage automatically tracks customer visits, effortlessly builds rich customer profiles and keeps them up to date. Zenreach Attract improves ad performance 4x by targeting audiences based on your best customers.

“People aren’t afraid of being tough with each other because we know we will have a laugh and a good time a few moments later.”

-Employee review

Zenreach is hiring! Check out jobs here!

Industry: Advertising|Internet|Marketing Automation

PubMatic is an automation solutions company for an open digital media industry. Featuring the leading omni-channel revenue automation platform for publishers and enterprise-grade programmatic tools for media buyers, PubMatic’s publisher-first approach enables advertisers to access premium inventory at scale.

“Vision, empathy, work culture, enthusiastic, caring, good listeners, strong supporter of career advancement and career development”

-Employee review


PubMatic employees rated their overall culture a A.

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Industry: AdTech|Business Services|Internet

FiveStars is the rewards program for small businesses that’s proven to bring customers back more often. Over 30 million people use Fivestars to get rewarded at 12,000 local businesses with one rewards program. Local businesses use Fivestars to bring more customers into their stores with one powerful program.

“They are very open and easy to talk to about issues and ideas.”

-Employee review

FiveStars is hiring! Check out jobs here!

Industry: AdTech|Gaming|iOS

Chartboost is the largest mobile games based growth and ad monetization platform. Reaching over 800M unique users every month across more than 300,000 mobile games, Chartboost works with 90% of the top grossing iOS and Android game developers.

Chartboost is hiring! Check out jobs here!

Industry: Analytics|Brand Marketing|Business Intelligence

BirdEye enables you to be the best business. BirdEye drives business growth by getting new reviews and improving customer experience. More than 50,000 businesses use BirdEye to manage their reviews, be found online, gather customer feedback, improve operations and increase revenue.

“Extreme team mentality. We genuinely care about each others success and what we can do to help each other get closer to our goals”

-Employee review


BirdEye employees rated their overall culture a A-.

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Industry: AI & Machine Learning|Internet of Things

Maana is the pioneer in knowledge-centric technology. The Maana Knowledge Platform accelerates knowledge discovery to increase profitability. Maana’s patented Knowledge Graph — a breakthrough invention — at the core of the platform expedites extracting knowledge from data silos, to reveal the relationships within the context of an asset or process companies wish to optimize.

“Everyone knows what they’re doing. Very little hand holding needs to be done to get people to work effectively. Self-starters who go above and beyond.”

-Employee review

Industry: Accounting|AI & Machine Learning|FinTech

AppZen is an artificial intelligence platform for modern finance teams, helping them to reduce spend, comply with policy, and streamline process. It automates manual process, uncovers problems, and optimizes decision making for enterprises around the globe, including one-fourth of the Fortune 500.

“Innovative and driven – there is a solid vision of the future”

-Employee review


AppZen employees rated their overall culture a A-.

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Industry: SaaS|Analytics|Big Data

Quantifind is a machine learning platform and software provider used by consumer brands and financial institutions to discover signals of revenue drivers and risk, including fraud and money laundering. The company’s algorithms extract signals from external, unstructured data by correlating it to private company data, such as sales data and customer records. Quantifind was founded in 2009 by Ari Tuchman and John Stockton, two quantum physicists from Stanford University and Caltech. Quantifind’s headquarters are located in Menlo Park, California, with additional offices in New York City and Washington, D.C.

“Everyone helps each other. We work together to solves problems and egos don’t get in the way.”

-Employee review

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Industry: Analytics|Big Data|FinTech

Deserve is a next-gen analytics-based fintech company providing access to fair credit products for deserving but underserved populations. Where traditional lenders see risk, Deserve sees the potential. Instead of just looking at credit history, it measures each applicant’s credit potential by looking at factors such as education, current financial health, and future employability and earnings potential.

“Our mission to serve and educate people who are new to credit is taken seriously. We help people towards a path to financial independence. That is meaningful to our customers and to the team.”

-Employee review


Deserve employees rate their CEO among the top 5% for similar-sized companies.

Industry: Big Data|Analytics|Search Engine

Inflection owns and operates a family history website and a people search engine. It delivers powerful, fair, and reliable screening products to empower companies to make better and faster people decisions about who they should hire, who they should trust, and to whom they should grant access.

“Reliability, demand, quality, environment and kindness.”

-Employee review

100% of Inflection employees say they are satisfied with their benefits.

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Industry: Big Data|Enterprise|Hardware and Devices

DataStax delivers Apache Cassandra, the leading distributed database technology, to the enterprise. With more than 500 customers in over 50 countries, DataStax provides data management to the world’s most innovative companies, such as Netflix, Safeway, ING, Adobe, Intuit, Target and eBay.

“We are truly a remote culture. 70% of our workforce is remote. We are one of the few remote companies that have a strong culture and effective meetings all while being based remotely.”

-Employee review


DataStax employees rated their overall culture a A.

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Industry: Cloud Data Services|Data Storage|Enterprise Software

Scality is a venture-backed software company that solves problems associated with large-scale storage management and infrastructure. Scality software-based RING storage delivers billions of files to five hundred million users daily with 100% availability. The RING makes standard x86 servers scale to hundreds of petabytes and billions of objects.

“Amazing benefits and perks.”

-Employee review

Scality is hiring! Check out jobs here!

Industry: Analytics|Big Data|Network Security

Kentik is the network traffic intelligence company. Kentik turns network traffic – billions of digital footprints – into real-time intelligence for both business and technical operations. Network operators, engineers, and security teams use Kentik to manage and optimize the performance, security, and potential of their networks and their business.

“I feel like I am making a positive impact on my team.”

-Employee review

Kentik is hiring! Check out jobs here!

Industry: CRM|Mobile App|SaaS

Intercom offers a customer communication platform for teams in web and mobile businesses to communicate with their customers. Its platform enables teams in Internet businesses to communicate with their customers personally, at scale—on their website, inside web, and mobile applications, as well as by email.

“Gives you the chance to try something new and take on a new challenge”

-Employee review

100% of Intercom employees describe their work environment as positive.

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Industry: Enterprise|FinTech|SaaS

Taulia provides cloud-based invoice, payment and discount management solutions for large buying organizations. It delivers working capital solutions that make it easy for businesses to free up cash, accelerate payments, and improve supply chain health.

“It’s easy for everyone to believe in the product and it allows for a fun work environment.”

-Employee review


Taulia employees rated their overall culture a A.

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