7 Buzzed-About Companies In the LA Area Accepting Applications for Internships Now

Summer internship season is almost upon us, and companies all across the US are currently accepting applications from college students and the like who are are eager to start their careers in the industries that hold the most fascination for them. Here are 7 exciting companies in the LA area that are accepting applications for internships right now!

Marketing andAdvertising

On Its Internships: Hawke Media is looking for creative and energetic individuals who have a can-do attitude and an interest in digital marketing. This program is part-time in Sawtelle and an incredible chance to work hands on with our experts, managers and executive team.

“Starting at Hawke as an intern was the best situation I could have asked for straight out of college. Fast forward a few months later, and I am now Production Coordinator of the photo/ video department. Everything from the amazing people, delicious places to eat on Sawtelle, and the incredible day to day experiences is what makes it all worthwhile.”

Erik Aguade, former intern and current Production Coordinator

Apply For an Internship at Hawke Media Here

Aerospace & Aviation

On Its Internships: “SpaceX is currently seeking top talent to join our Intern Program. Our year-round program offers an unparalleled opportunity to play a direct role in transforming space exploration and helping us realize the next evolution of humanity as a multi-planetary species. Opportunities are available across all engineering functions and business operations at SpaceX. Interns and associate engineers are integral to the success of the company and tackle some of the hardest challenges on the planet. Join us, and find your place in the SpaceX legacy.”

Apply For an Internship at SpaceX Here


On Its Internships: “Love the world of storytelling? So do we! An internship at Nickelodeon can launch you on an exciting, fun-filled career in children’s entertainment. Nickelodeon produces hits like SpongeBob SquarePants, The Loud House, Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and The Casagrandes…just to name a few! Here at Nickelodeon, we don’t have interns. We have “NICKterns”! Rather than just getting coffee and slaving away behind a copy machine, our NICKternship is a true mentorship program where you (insert name here!) will get the chance to immerse yourself in meaningful projects and become a valuable part of the team. Perks to being a NICKtern? Networking with studio executives and artists, having lunch with renown show creators and producers, free movie screenings, nostalgia around every corner and in-depth conversations about your favorite Nick shows, cause, that’s part of your job. In the famous words of SpongeBob SquarePants, “I’m Ready!” and we hope you are too!”

Apply For an Internship at Nickelodeon Animation Here



On Its Internships: “Paramount Pictures offers an exciting Internship Program providing students from diverse backgrounds the opportunity to gain hands–on experience working in the entertainment industry.  At Paramount, every intern has the opportunity to network with industry professionals, attend a multitude of events aimed at furthering their entertainment knowledge, and play an integral role in their department’s success.”


Apply For an Internship at Paramount Picture Here

Defense & Space

On Its Internships: “Aerospace offices across the country offer internship and co-op programs to help students find their place in space and an idea of what it’s like to work at The Aerospace Corporation. Rising sophomores, juniors, seniors, and graduate students at accredited institutions are invited to apply. We also have limited opportunities for high school students.”


Apply For an Internship at The Aerospace Corporation Here


On Its Internships: “Imagine working side-by-side with industry leaders in your field of study. Imagine building upon the skills you’ve learned in the classroom within a family of legendary brands passionate about creating world-class experiences on a global scale. Now, imagine yourself in a paid Disney Professional Internship.”


Apply For an Internship at The Walt Disney Company Here


On Its Internships: “Hulu’s Summer Intern Program is a 10-week, full-time paid experience offering roles in New York, Santa Monica and Seattle. As a Hulu intern, you’ll work on significant business and technical challenges, with the opportunity to collaborate across all levels of the company. To be eligible, you must be currently enrolled and pursuing a degree at a four-year university.”


Apply For an Internship at Hulu Here