Entertainment Companies with Female CEOs

In honor of March 8’s International Woman’s Day, Comparably looked to highlight some of the businesses around the U.S. with females in the role of Chief Executive Officer. While there is still a major imbalance in terms of gender parity – last year’s Fortune 500 included just 6.6% women – here are a selection of entertainment companies that have female CEOs calling the shots.

Location: San Francisco, CA

CEO: Nancy MacInttyre

Fingerprint is a mobile technology company that develops, operates, and licenses subscription content services for children in Education and Entertainment on an enterprise and direct to consumer basis. The company’s content library includes over 4000 premium Apps, Games, Books, and Videos licensed from over 350 developer partners in 60 countries.

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Location: Los Angeles, CA

CEO: Meg Whitman

Quibi is a media company developing short-form media content designed for smartphones. The company focuses on the core audience, producing awe-inspiring shows for an intuitive, mobile-first platform, and creating a culture where everyone is heard. Quibi’s content is made specifically to be only viewed on mobile devices and can be viewed in either horizontal or vertical video, with the user able to shift to one or the other within the same video.

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Location: Santa Monica, CA

CEO: Ann Hand

Super League Gaming’s mission is to give gamers an entirely new way to enjoy the games they love. The Santa Monica-based company cut its teeth producing Minecraft events nationwide, an event series that continues to grow. Never content thinking small, Super League Gaming goes big. Its competitions take place in state-of-the-art movie theaters. All the action is played out on big screens and bolstered with thundering sound systems.

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Location: Redwood City, CA

CEO: Maureen Fan

Baobab Studios is a VR animation company that creates story and character driven cinematic experiences.


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