Fourteen Tech Companies Thriving in the UK

Move over Silicon Valley. The Silicon Roundabout – and the United Kingdom’s tech industry at large – is expanding. As industrious a region as the U.K. is, it was only a matter of time before it started catching up to friends across the pond and elsewhere in terms of tech. Yes, tech in the UK is thriving and the country took 4th place in the 2018 Global Entrepreneurship Index.

For those looking to be a part of the boom and find a seat at the UK tech table, Comparably has compiled a list of some of the best and brightest tech companies thriving and currently hiring for positions in the UK.

Tech|Business Services|Enterprise|SaaS

Location: Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK

Sage is a global market leader for technology that helps small and medium businesses perform at their best. Sage is trusted by millions of customers worldwide to deliver the best cloud technology and support, with its partners, to manage finances, operations, and people. Internally, Sage employees rave about a passionate collaborative work environment with leadership focused on innovation and creating a great employee experience. 

“Feels like everyone has the same vision and is invested in making it a reality.”

-Employee review


Sage employees rated their overall culture a A+.

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Messaging|Social Media|Social App

Location: London, UK

Facebook is an online social networking service that allows its users to connect with friends and family as well as make new connections. It provides its users with the ability to create a profile, update information, add images, send friend requests, and accept requests from other users. Its features include status update, photo tagging and sharing, and more.

“We all embrace challenges with open mindsets.”

-Employee review


Facebook employees rated their overall culture a A+.

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Electronic|Internet of Things|Semiconductors

Location: Cambridge, UK

ARM, a multinational semiconductor company, is one of the world’s most influential technology companies. The ARM business model involves the designing and licensing of IP rather than the manufacturing and selling of actual semiconductor chips. They license IP to a network of partners, which includes the world’s leading semiconductor and systems companies. ARM technologies reach 70 percent of the global population.

“Ability to lead through change and uncertainty and stay connected to the ecosystem and employees”

-ARM employee

100% of ARM employees say they are proud to work for their company.

ARM is hiring! Check out jobs here!

CRM|Business Services|Analytics

Location: Staines, UK

Salesforce is a global cloud computing company that provides business software on a subscription basis. It is best known for its on-demand customer relationship management (CRM) solutions. It offers users with a customer community, partner community, developer community, and an app exchange marketplace.

“The culture at Salesforce is truly unmatched. I’ve worked at smaller companies my entire career and was nervous about working for a large organization, but I feel right at home. The office is inclusive and I love being surrounded by hard working people!”

-Employee review


Salesforce employees rated their overall culture a A+.

Salesforce is hiring! Check out jobs here!

Tech|Big Data|Business Services|Enterprise

Location: Bracknell, UK

At Dell, we’re committed to providing technology to people and organizations everywhere so they can transform the way they work and live. The company provides high quality solutions that empower people to do more all over the world.

“I work with smart and motivated people. We care about the type of people we hire.”

-Employee review

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Consumer Electronics|Cloud Computing|Operating Systems

Location: Reading, UK

Microsoft is a software corporation that develops, manufactures, licenses, supports, and sells a range of software products and services. The company markets and distributes its products through original equipment manufacturers, distributors, and resellers, as well as online.

“The leadership team pushes employees exactly the right amount in the right direction. I have personally never felt pressured and find it quite easy to maintain a good work-life balance, thanks to my team and manager.”

-Employee review


Microsoft employees rated their overall culture a A-.

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Location: London, UK

Zopa is a P2P money lending service that allows lenders and borrowers to deal directly with one another, cutting out the banks who act as middlemen. The company first categorizes borrower credit grades with an A, B, C or Y rating; then lenders make offers that vary by money amount and time period for persons with a certain credit grade, and borrowers can then agree to the aggregate offered rate.

Zopa is hiring! Check out jobs here!


Location: London, UK

GoSquared is a platform where businesses can understand and communicate with their customers. GoSquared combines analytics, CRM, live chat, and marketing automation in one seamless platform. The company’s mission is to help businesses convert more visitors into customers.

GoSquared is hiring! Check out jobs here!

Information Technology|Robotics|Software

Location: Coventry, UK

From easy-to-read dashboards to the renowned lightning-fast grid, everything about Phocas is designed for ease-of-use. Phocas allows users to drill from high level dashboards right down into the underlying transactions. It’s not just turning data into pretty pictures, it’s about seeing the data that makes businesses tick.

Phocas Software is hiring! Check out jobs here!

Professional Services|Photography|Online Portals

Location: London, UK

Moo allows users to create and customize business cards, stationary, and other photos via the web. Every single card can have a different image on it, which has turned them into somewhat of a collectors item. Moo says they “dream up new tools that help people turn their virtual content into beautiful print products” and indeed they have.

Moo is hiring! Check out jobs here!

Developer Platform|Hardware and Devices|Information Technology

Location: Reading, UK

Altaro Software is a leading developer of Virtual Machine Backup and recovery solutions, specially developed for small and mid-market businesses. Specialized in backup for virtualized environments, Hyper-V and VMware, Altaro aims at delivering a fast, full-featured yet affordable backup solution and is equipped with an outstanding, personal support team, determined to help clients succeed in protecting their environment.

Marketing|Analytics|Social Media

Location: Brighton, UK

Brandwatch is the world’s enterprise social intelligence leader, empowering over 2,000 of the planet’s most admired brands and agencies including Unilever, Walmart and Dell to make insightful, data-driven business decisions. The company has made two acquisitions to date, PeerIndex and BuzzSumo, as a standalone content marketing platform, and was bolstered by its merger with Crimson Hexagon.

“Brandwatch cares about their employees. They are constantly asking for feedback and take things into action to improve morale.”

-Employee review

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Information Technology|Software|Consulting

Location: London, UK

CloudSense offers the only solution that manages the entire sales cycle from product design and order capture through to fullfilment, all within Salesforce, accelerating the sales and delivery process. With notable success in the telecoms and media sectors, CloudSense has a world-class team of consultants that specialise in transforming businesses, including the BBC and O2, to improve performance in the digital age.

CloudSense is hiring! Check out jobs here!

Consulting|Enterprise Software|Outsourcing

Location: London, UK

ELEKS is a global organization providing end-to-end product development since 1991. Its team of 1,100+ professionals provides you with a full range of software engineering and consultancy services. Software products that it builds help the world’s leading brands transform their businesses, increase their revenues and save up to 40 percent of the time and operating costs.

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