Survey: Who Feels More Challenged at Work — Entry-Level or Experienced?

As an employer, it’s important that you not only keep your team productive, but that you keep them challenged. After all, one of the reasons people leave their jobs is because they’ve stopped learning. And if they’ve stopped learning at your company they’re going to try and learn somewhere else.

Right now, 71% of people feel challenged at work, according to the latest reading of an ongoing query by More than 10,000 people across the tech sector participated in the query.

Challenged at every stage

It may seem that those in the earliest parts of their career would feel more challenged than those in the later parts, but that’s not the case: the rate varied between 70% and 72% among workers of all experience levels.


Women say they don’t feel as challenged

The results are close, but a higher percentage of men (73%) say they feel challenged at work compared with 69% of women.


People in executive roles and HR take the cake

Those in HR and executive roles have the highest rates of saying they find their job challenging (78% and 87% respectively), followed next by those in engineering and product. People in admin, legal, and customer support had the lowest rates of saying they find their job challenging.


The latest reading is as of Jan. 2.

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