10 Companies Solving Fascinating Engineering Challenges

Engineers are a rare breed. It’s not just the paycheck or the benefits that inspire their finest work, but the actual challenges they’re offered to solve. Engineering talent has never been more valuable than it is today, so here are ten companies that are currently offering engineers the kind of big, meaty problems the best of them were born to take on.

What are the engineering challenges Instacart is working on? 

From re-routing deliveries during snowstorms to our ML logistics engine that matches orders with shoppers, to connecting customers with coupons and deals for their favorite brands, to updating over half a billion grocery data lines each night—everything we do has to take into consideration our complex four-sided marketplace. We effectively build four interrelated, but separate products, each with its own focus, challenges, and opportunities. We’ve doubled down on machine learning and data science in order to maintain a massive data catalog (the largest grocery catalog ever), build our customer and shopper apps, identify lost demand in our fulfillment chain, and solve a souped-up version of the classic traveling salesman problem. There is no shortage of interesting models to improve, algorithms to optimize, and problems to solve.

What can engineering talent expect from your company and their work there? 

Internally, we’re organized in four key groups to serve each of our stakeholders. Each technical team is comprised of mobile and full-stack engineers, data scientists, ML engineers, and infrastructure engineers. We work together to build our mobile and web apps, B2B software, fulfillment chain technologies, and advertising networks. Given how dynamic our four-sided marketplace is, engineers regularly work with product designers, product managers, finance, marketing, communications, and many other teams to scope projects, prepare for scale, and launch new features. If you’re not an expert in one particular language, that is completely fine! We love engineers who are generalists and have experience with (or interest in) multiple languages and platforms. While there are plenty of opportunities for those interested in depth, there are many more for those looking for breadth. Engineers who value ownership do well at Instacart. Ownership covers all of the ingredients – how you scope, plan, ship, communicate cross-functionally, and maintain your work. We value ownership so much that it is one of the main categories by which individual contributors and engineering managers assess performance.

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What are the engineering challenges Rapid7 is working on? 

We exist so our customers can securely advance. It’s why we came together to create Rapid7 nearly 20 years ago, and why we’re still here today, advancing security with the brightest minds in the business. As we continue to help our customers achieve their security goals, we always have one overarching challenge; how to find an attacker as early as possible with little to no false positives cluttering our findings. To do this, we need to collect billions of events from hundreds of sources. However, it’s more than just processing all those events, the real challenge lies in providing meaningful insights at scale, which is where our engineers come in.

What can engineering talent expect from your company and their work there? 

When you join Rapid7 as an engineer, you’re signing up for an incredibly important mission of making the world a safer place. In order to be successful, you’ll need to be truly adaptable, as attackers never stop evolving their techniques. Having real and evolving adversaries out there who are trying to evade your software makes catching them in the act incredibly rewarding. You can expect to work on exciting projects with amazing technologies alongside other talented individuals who are passionate not only about advancing security for our customers but about the continued learning of their teams and peers.

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What are the engineering challenges Hometap is working on? 

While working to introduce unique investment products, our engineering team must completely rethink the myriad traditional financial procedures and requirements — as well as the technology used to deliver them. We need to innovate in the areas of flexible process management, real-time contextual data harvesting, creative integrations with third-party CRMs, novel client assessment, procedural optimizations, automated partner relationships, and customer acquisition. Our technology is key to supporting nearly every phase of the cross-functional growth we’ll require to succeed.

What can engineering talent expect from your company and their work there? 

They can expect the challenge of a fast-paced, nimble, and resourceful environment where every engineer is expected to roll up their sleeves, harness their love for the broad technologies that make up full-stack software development, and contribute alongside equally passionate people. The technology we’re bringing to market is not only introducing an entirely new asset class, but it’s also creating an underlying platform to support more innovative financial products in the future. It’s an exciting time for disruption in this space, and we plan on being THE agents for this change.

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What are the engineering challenges Appian is working on? 
One of our current initiatives is to bring the value proposition of low-code to applications that need to operate at massive scale. We want to make it so that any organization can build an application that will stand up to the challenges of serving millions of public users securely, without having the deep bench of technical expertise that is normally required. We’re excited to see what possibilities this enables for organizations that previously couldn’t have dreamed of having this capability.
What can engineering talent expect from your company and their work there? 
At Appian, we value innovation and investment in our people by providing opportunities for growth and leadership. Our multi-faceted approach to personal career growth gives individuals greater ownership and input into decisions that drive their career aspirations and makes for a more rewarding and happier workplace. Engineers are encouraged to reserve a portion of their time specifically for individual innovation, where many have seized this opportunity, converting a passion project to a new product feature on our roadmap.
What are the engineering challenges Clearcover is working on? 
As Clearcover scales, the challenges involve scaling our services. We’re also maturing our CI/CD deployment process and development practices and always focused on improving engineering efficiency.
What can engineering talent expect from your company and their work there? 
At Clearcover, we’re constantly learning new technologies and frameworks. There’s tremendous potential for growth, much of which comes from learning and working with a highly talented pool of engineers. The culture is very open – always embracing and encouraging new ideas and fresh perspectives.
What are the engineering challenges BCG is working on?
Whether it is using interconnected technologies to help healthcare companies provide better quality of life for patients, applying advanced analytics to ensure our food supply chain does not get disrupted, or leveraging CleanTech to ensure our planet is safer for future generations; at BCG we are helping our clients unlock their potential and make a meaningful impact to the communities in which we live.
What can engineering talent expect from your company and their work there? 
BCG is a fast-paced, highly collaborative, and outcome-focused environment. Our engineers are at the forefront of technology and push the edge of what is possible. Whether it is coming up to speed and applying new technologies or finding better ways to use legacy systems; the work our engineers do is self-rewarding and meaningful. Our engineers are friendly thought leaders who are always ready to teach as well as ready to learn.
What are the engineering challenges Strava is working on?
As an engineer at Strava you focus on building high-quality, reliable products at scale. As a member of our team, you work on systems that need to work for our athletes today and can scale into the future. You might work on unique mapping products or work with large quantities of data to build a new product experience.
What can engineering talent expect from your company and their work there?
Strava builds software that makes the best part of our athletes’ days even better. And just as we’re deeply committed to unlocking their potential, we’re dedicated to providing a world-class, inclusive workplace where our employees can grow and thrive, too. Our culture reflects our community – we are continuously striving to hire and engage diverse teammates from all backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives because we know we are a stronger team together.
What are the engineering challenges Course Hero is working on?
One of the engineering challenges we are working on is migrating our monolith to Go microservices. This is quite a big effort and includes all engineering at different stages. Our ML and Platform teams are also working on productionizing the ML models, there are always new models and newer versions of the existing models in the pipeline! Another ongoing challenge for us is to measure & increase the Lead Time/Velocity and developer productivity by means of more automation, wold class CI/CD pipelines, and faster deployments.
What can engineering talent expect from your company and their work there? 
We are a mission-driven, hyper-growth, profitable EdTech company. Our engineers work on interesting problems using the latest technologies in an engaging, collaborative, high-growth environment. They have autonomy and independence to innovate and make a big impact on our products to achieve our bold mission of helping students graduate confident and prepared!
What are the engineering challenges Noblis is working on?
As a science and technology company, Noblis is solving complex technical challenges across a range of domains to include securing facilities using machine learning computer vision, countering weapons of mass destruction, bio-engineering, and cyber forensics. The autonomous systems domain is a key area of innovation for Noblis. We are actively researching solutions to scale autonomous systems to interact safely in high throughput, complicated transportation zones (e.g., cities, highways, etc.) which merge numerous technologies such as blockchain for trust, multi-model robotic systems, and fusion of disparate sensor feeds.
What can engineering talent expect from your company and their work there?
Engineers (and all employees) at Noblis can expect to be part of a collaborative and diverse team that includes some of the brightest minds in our industry. We’re thinkers and doers who challenge each other and combine leading-edge research and labs with centers of excellence to drive innovation and create mission-driven impacts for our federal agency customers.
What are the engineering challenges VoteBash is working on? 
An engineering challenge we currently face is continually innovating to meet the unique needs of our clients as the world digitally transforms. We strive to continually evolve and create the best data solutions tailored to each and every one of our clients so that they can understand and satisfy best their customers.
What can engineering talent expect from your company and their work there?
Engineering talent, as with all our team members, can expect one-on-one support as well as the means to innovate through collective collaboration, not competition. All voices are encouraged in our organization and all ideas are built upon, never scrutinized.
What are the engineering challenges your company is working on? 
The Divergent Adaptive Production System (DAPS) is a unique end-to-end software-hardware solution designed to replace traditional vehicle manufacturing systems. The current systems used by Global OEMs are virtually all rooted in steel sheet metal stamping, casting, and welding that was invented in the early 1900’s. Divergent inventors have developed and continue to build out the first instance of a complete manufacturing solution that addresses the inherent capital intensity and inflexibility of sheet metal construction to improve the profitability and sustainability of vehicle manufacturing. Given a set of digital requirements as input, the machine automatically computationally engineers, additively manufactures and automatically assembles any complex structure.
What can engineering talent expect from your company and their work there? 
The incredible system-level challenges we are solving require exceptional teamwork, communication, inventiveness, and focused execution by each team member across our core technology areas. We are addressing fundamental problems at a global scale, and individuals that believe in the mission and have the necessary grit to dig deep, navigate the daily ups and downs, and still perform each day will thrive with us.