14 Inspiring Employer Brand Leaders in the Pacific Northwest

Employer brand is an area where every modern company needs to shine. This means that those companies need someone keeping the employer brand humming, someone who knows how to broker the happiest and most mutually beneficial outcomes between the companies they work for and the employees they depend on.

In that spirit, here are 14 stellar Employer Brand leaders from across the U.S. Pacific Northwest. They keep the employer brand flame burning night and day with their inspiring work. They write books and blogs and host or guest on podcasts to spread the word about their company, and the higher set of employee happiness standards now hitting the mainstream of U.S. workplaces.

Emily D'Andrea
Employer Branding & Events Marketing Lead

“I am a storyteller. I thrive on creative brainstorming sessions, scrappy teamwork, and piloting wild ideas that have never been tried. I love ideation and content creation and watching as roughly scribbled notes on a whiteboard come to life through imagery, copy, and experiences.”

“Some feedback is actionable, and some feedback is just noise. Listen. Digest the feedback. And then synthesize which parts you can action, which parts you can discard, and what other learnings you can take away from the conversation as a whole.”

Navigating Tough Conversations: A User Manual

Maggie Santolla
Employer Brand

“I manage strategic marketing, communications and branding programs to elevate an organization’s reputation with its community of clients, employees and neighbors.”


Tisha Leslie
Director, Employer Brand

Tisha Leslie is a strategic marketing, advertising and brand executive with nearly 20 years of experience helping companies get picked by the right people for the right reasons.

“In the simplest of terms: EVP = the give/get Culture = collective behaviors on the best and worst days EX = how it feels to get work done EB = all the above wrapped up in your reputation as an employer Do you know your employees as well as you know your customers? Why not?”
– Tisha Leslie

Kellie McCann
Employer Brand Program Manager

Experienced Recruitment Specialist and Project Manager with a demonstrated history of success working in the retail, fashion and now Travel & Tech industries. Multi-faceted professional with a Bachelor of Science focused in Mass Communication/Media Studies, and a minor in Global Business, from the University of Southern California.

” As Booking continues to grow, being able to stay agile and adaptable is even more important for our competitive advantage. Any changes that happen on a wider organization level will always be seen as they trickle down into the effects of individual projects, so maintaining a company culture that embraces change and people equipped with change management skills is key.”
– The Muse Employer Spotlight: Kellie McCann on Building an Employer Brand that Resonates Around the World

Sara Parker
Program Manager, Global Employer Brand

After graduating from Antioch University with an M.A, in Organizational Psychology, Sara Parker began working as a store manager for Starbucks. After almost three years, she was moved onto the Global Brand track, first as Senior Staffing Specialist. Parker has held the position of Program Manager, Global Employer Brand for nearly nine years.

“Sara displays all the characteristics you hope for in a teammate: hard worker, dedicated employee, and passionate brand ambassador. I have always been impressed with her ability to teach and communicate her work in Employer Branding to leaders and colleagues, while at the same time accepting feedback and reacting to unexpected challenges. In short, Sara is a pleasure to work with and our team benefits from her passion each day.”
– Danny Finan, LinkedIn

David Ige
Employer Brand Manager

“I manage employment brands and marketing communications programs by applying B2B and B2C marketing concepts to talent acquisition. I enjoy developing and executing integrated marketing communications strategies for a variety of owned, paid, and shared/earned media. I am proud to have earned a Certificate in Employer Brand Leadership.”

“David is one of the most detail-oriented people I have ever worked with. I could not slip any mistakes by this guy! He has an relaxed, professional disposition and I really appreciated collaborating with him as he was always able to come up with intelligent and creative solutions.”
– Matt Wilson, LinkedIn


Amanda O'Neal
Director, Brand Social Media + Employer Branding

Outcome-oriented marketing leader with a background in market research and marketing for global consumption. Recognized for impactful consultation to stakeholders, effective cross-organization collaboration, strong project management, business-driven analysis, and thoughtful coaching.

“Even though I was only on her team for a summer, Amanda helped me dive in (and take some ownership) of important long-term projects. Overall, my summer working with Amanda was a fantastic one that really shaped my career direction.”
– Kelli Nardis, LinkedIn


Jaimen Sfetko
Director of Employer Brand Communications

Prior to her role at Nike, Sfetko was Owner and Consultant at Happy Public Relations, and Vice President at Sunshine Sachs. She earned a BA in Advertising and Public Relations from Rochester Institute of Technology.


Mark Diller
Senior Employer Brand Manager

Diller’s team publishes hundreds of pieces of content per month across Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Prior to his role at T-Mobile, Diller served as Web Producer, Employee Communications for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Diller earned a Ph.D in Religious Studies from the University of Chicago.

“I learned how to write in grad school. I built content-development muscles in web editorial. I developed a discipline of measurement and reporting to make these things more successful. Now I’m drawing on all those skills and developing multi-channel content that’s targeted, effective, measurable, and delightfully creative.”
– Mark Diller

Crystal Ashley
Global Employer Brand Leader

Before taking over the Global Employer Brand Leader role at Amazon, Ashley held the role of Senior Talent Manager for the company. Prior to that, she worked with a team of US Marines as MARSOC Recruiting Operations Officer for Jacobs Technology. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance, International Business, and Spanish from the Gonzoga University School of Business Administration.

Crystal is a great combination of analytical skills and people skills – a rare find in one package.
– Scott Rethke, LinkedIn

Aggie Cooke
Employer Brand & Marketing Manager

Before her role at Mars, Cooke served as Employer Brand, Marketing & Digital Strategist for City of Hope and as Brand & Marketing Manager for Mob Genius. She recieved her Masters in Communications from the University of Wroclaw in 2011.

“My childhood friends and I grew up to be doctors, architects, managers, leaders. In the prior generation, we would have been unaware of our potential in the world beyond ours.  My desire is to see this magic of economic opportunity made available to others, and everywhere. It’s what inspires and motivates me as a leader and in the work I do.”
– LinkedIn

Becky Sluck
Sr Director - Employer Brand & Media Solutions

“I oversee Employer Brand & Media Solutions and responsible for helping clients build strategic, end to end employer brand, talent attraction, media solutions and retention programs to better attract, engage and retain talent.”

“Becky has the perfect mix of skill, knowledge, professionalism and fun – making her a wonderful leader. Her ability to build strategic, end to end employer brand, talent attraction and retention programs is second to none and will help any client better attract, engage and retain talent.”
– Shane Westwood, LinkedIn

Brooke Boghosian
Senior Specialist, Employer Branding & Digital Content

Before her role at Banfield, worked as Digital Marketing Specialist for Pet Partners and as Marketing Coordinator for Cengage. She earned her BBA in Business Administration and Management at SUNY Potsdam.

“Resiliency is the ability to adapt and bounce back when things don’t go as planned. And with stress being a part of our everyday lives, we want to provide you with tools to help you become more resilient in times of stress and uncertainty.”
– LinkedIn

Aaron Kraljev
GVP - Talent and Brand Leader

Talent Acquisition leader focused on the creation of enterprise wide strategies to drive candidate attraction, education, and transparency to meet the human capital needs of an organization. Passionate around innovative solutions that fuel program development and execution, candidate advocacy, emerging technologies, high impact content, employer brand management and deployment.

” As talent acquisition practitioners, we do what we do because we have an innate interest in matching people with opportunity.”

– “Please Don’t Confuse Your Work With Your Worth