Companies with Unique Employee Resource Groups

For companies trying to foster an inclusive and diverse workplace, Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are an important tool. For these six companies, ERGs don’t just meet their employees’ needs, they also impact their company culture as a whole. See how.

Can you describe some of Momentive’s more interesting or uniquely-run employee resource groups?

“When you don’t have diversity at the team level, it can manifest at the product level. Momentive has an employee resource group (ERG) that is specifically for women on our tech teams. This helps us create more of a culture of balance, so the AI-powered insights the team builds reflect different perspectives and therefore drive positive social changes. My hope is that we can find a way to spread that influence more equitably so that the technology of the future serves everyone, regardless of gender or gender identity.” – Jing Huang, Sr. Director of Engineering at Momentive

How do ERGs benefit your overall culture?

“One of the examples of how impactful these groups can be is our Womxn in Engineering ERG, which frequently advocates for setting goals related to diversity, including goals specifically for technical positions. Representation, the less obvious form of bias, is the way to build a more equitable workplace.When you don’t have diversity at the team level, it can manifest at the product level. Even if your team isn’t balanced from the get-go, establishing a set of standards for inclusion and/or decision-making can reduce the risk of bias in your engineering work.” – Jing Huang, Sr. Director of Engineering at Momentive

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Can you describe some of symplr’s more interesting or uniquely-run employee resource groups?

symplr’s new Clinical & Professional Resources (CPR) Employee Resource Group is unique in that its mission is to connect symplr employees who have a clinical or healthcare experience — or who are interested in today’s clinical healthcare environment — and provide a supportive forum to share ideas, expertise, and concerns. By integrating healthcare expertise into everything we do, it helps bring us closer to achieving our goal of fostering “Better Operations, Better Outcomes” for our healthcare customers, and ultimately, for their patients.

How do ERGs benefit your overall culture?

symplr has seven ERGs and the list keeps growing! Specifically, CPR benefits our overall culture because it is aligned with symplr’s core values and behavior to be “relentless champions of the customer.” Together, symplr clinicians help ensure the company meets the needs of healthcare customers. CPR also advocates for symplr transitioning from being a company that provides software for the healthcare industry to being an enterprise healthcare operations software company. Now, more than ever, it’s important for CPR to serve as a forum for teammates who have healthcare expertise to share observations and real-life experiences, as well as to support our customers and the patients they serve. 

To accomplish this goal, the following objectives guide CPR’s work:

  • Foster members’ professional growth and development, especially regarding clinical healthcare topics 
  • Discuss issues relevant to clinicians and symplr staff
  • Network and support clinicians who work outside of the traditional provider environment
  • Generate ideas and bring a clinical perspective to symplr’s products and customers

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Can you describe some of Calix’s more interesting or uniquely-run employee resource groups?

Calix offers 12 ERGs across our organization. They cross various areas of interest, including:, Parenting, LGTBQ+, Black ERG, Latinx Community, Fiction Book Lovers, Travel, Business Book Club, The Great Outdoors, and more.

How do ERGs benefit your overall culture?

ERGs allow employees working in a fully remote environment to find another way to connect and share common interests. ERGs enable our team members to create greater bonds with one another in areas other than direct work.

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Can you describe some of Vertafore’s more interesting or uniquely-run employee resource groups?

At Vertafore, we have 5 employee resource groups:

  • [email protected] – Goals: the black community is underrepresented in the technology industry. We want to make sure we have a supportive community and culture that ensures the black community is welcome and supported.
  • Queertafore – Goals: to provide inclusive and safe/brave spaces for LGBTQIA+ people and their allies at Vertafore. Here our community’s past is never forgotten, our present is supportive and caring, and our future is liberated.
  • Women of Vertafore – Goals: Help women navigate workplaces; provide professional development and networking opportunities; create community; empower women.
  • Vertafore Parent Network – Goals: to help working parents with children of all ages, empower and grow both their career and families through education, support and a network across our offices around the world.
  • NEXT Early in Career – Goals: provide tools and resources to promote career and leadership development. We strive to supplement the growth of both soft and hard skills of NEXT members to help lead to more opportunities for career progression within Vertafore.

How do ERGs benefit your overall culture?

At Vertafore, everyone is welcome. Resource groups are groups of team members who share a common characteristic or consider themselves an ally of that community (e.g., gender, disability status, ethnicity, sexual orientation, veteran status, etc.). Resource groups help to foster inclusion, collaboration, team member networks and support.

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Can you describe some of Curriculum Associates’ more interesting or uniquely-run employee resource groups?

Curriculum Associates is dedicated to creating a workforce that reflects the diversity of the world in which the students and teachers they serve live. To improve not only the recruitment, but also the retention of BIPOC employees, Curriculum Associates’ People & Culture team meets with ERGs regularly to review data on recruitment, retention and attrition; dissect trends, and collaborate on improving hiring and creating a more inclusive and welcoming environment. A close partnership between ERGs and the company’s HR and DEI teams also helps develop programming that improves the workplace experience, supports inclusive learning, and serves the broader community. Additionally, ERGs are encouraged and empowered to make the community their own and live out their purpose.

Here are some examples of the initiatives these engaged groups have championed.

  • To promote awareness across the Pan-Asian experience, the Asian ERG celebrated holidays such as the Lunar New Year, and hosted social events, like tea tastings. They also held a special focus for internal discussions and storytelling as well as facilitated small groups to target career-specific issues.
  • For Black History Month, the Black ERG focused on celebrating Black joy. The group prepared events for the month, including playing music, putting on dances, and showing documentaries celebrating black icons.
  • Somos CA, the Latinx group, celebrates its culture by sharing traditional foods and family recipes through cooking tutorials from different regions.
  • Pride Ready, focused on advocacy, recently hosted a well attended panel that featured guest speakers and explored the development of gender identity and gender bias in children.

The company also supports all ERGs with a BIPOC mentorship program which includes more than 50 mentors and mentees who meet monthly for leadership building and book club discussions. A DEIB online hub and monthly newsletter are dedicated to amplifying the voices of employee resource groups.

As of 2022, Curriculum Associates has been named a Best Company for Diversity by Comparably.

How do ERGs benefit your overall culture?

In 2021, Curriculum Associates developed two internal diversity, equity and inclusion commitments: Build a culture of inclusivity so that all Curriculum Associates staff can thrive, and implement equitable hiring practices to increase the diversity of the Curriculum Associates workforce

ERGs play a critical role in meeting both commitments. ERGs foster a culture of inclusivity and belonging by carving out a dedicated space for employees that share similar backgrounds and personal experiences. Curriculum Associate’s Chief Inclusion Officer Tyrone Holmes explains: “Your company can’t be separate from the nation that it lives in and was born in and the people come through,” says Holmes. “The relationships outside the company’s walls are going to impact the relationships inside. It’s up to the company to get better than most other spaces at fostering strong relationships.”

The impact of ERGs cannot be understated. Today, Curriculum Associates is not only a more diverse organization, but a more impactful organization. By committing to accelerate learning for all students, the organization has built a diverse workforce where people want to go to work and contribute to making a positive impact on the world by helping teachers reach all students through engaging, diverse instructional materials.

ERGs play a foundational role in these efforts: from how Curriculum Associates employees relate to each other, to how the organization builds its products. It is from the existence and furthering of ERGs that the organization has internalized the need for diversity, hires differently, and raises up employees who collaborate with leadership and HR on workforce issues based on transparent and accessible data.

In the process, the organization has learned the importance of creating a safe space where different ideas, experiences, and identities are welcome, and that change management is a long, collaborative and iterative process. Leadership and employees alike have learned to speak honestly, and to do so with grace and compassion. And lastly, they have learned what it means to stand with one another – with patience and understanding. All these goals in the end contribute to creating an improved product for teachers and students everywhere.

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Can you describe some of Gympass’ more interesting or uniquely-run employee resource groups?

Gympass has 14+ global employee-led affinity groups which give the opportunity for people that share a particular identity (and their allies) to discuss their shared experiences and issues affecting them. Some of our affinity groups include [email protected], Gympass Black Power, Pride Club, AGP (Asians at Gympass), Jews at Gympass, and Juntos (Hispanic/Latinx).

As a global organization, we have set up regional groups that coordinate with their global counterparts. This allows Gympassers to gather with local peers and host meetings in their native language, but also share experiences with international colleagues who share their identification. Our women’s affinity groups collaborate annually in March for our annual Women’s Week celebration, and global LGBTQIAP+ groups get together in June to organize global Pride celebrations.

With the help of our employee-led affinity groups, we lead numerous awareness and engagement initiatives. Some highlights include:

Trainings & Workshops:

  • We hosted an organization-wide unconscious bias training: led by Tayo Rockson, co-founder at UYD Management.
  • Imposter Syndrome Workshop dedicated to women: with an external speaker, Bianca Esteves, worked through art therapy and deep dived on important issues that women face at work everyday.

Team workouts:

  • For Black History Month: organization of team workouts with Black owned gyms


  • For Women’s Week: Book raffle as prize for participating to the sessions

Special guest speakers:

  • For Breast Cancer Awareness Month we invited Sylvia Brown, a nurse navigator at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center to discuss ways to improve women’s health and detect early signs of breast cancer.
  • Pride Month: Live Session with external speaker Ryse Tottingham, LGBTQIA+ advocate and anti-bias anti-racist educator.

How do ERGs benefit your overall culture?

At Gympass we are not all the same, and that’s our greatest strength. We want to foster an equitable workplace where everyone has access to equal opportunities to belong. Diversity is one of our core values, which are a key part of our culture and every decision we make.

We believe that diversity ERGs generate long-term value and create a joyful, collaborative, and inclusive environment where everyone feels empowered to be their true selves. Only when everyone feels like they belong can we achieve our mission to make wellbeing universal so everyone can be happy & healthy.

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