How These 14 Companies Are Celebrating Black History Month

Everyone understands that Black History Month is a time when we as a country celebrate the achievements of African Americans and recognize their immense contributions to our society and culture. The tradition has stood since 1976.

This year, and the last few, cannot help feeling a bit different. That’s because, in an undeniable way, Black History is being made right now, in our country and in the world. The monuments of tomorrow are being born today in the actions of those who are fully conscious of the conflict between this country’s still-bold promise and its troubled history. New heroes of Black History are in the midst of the great work of their lives as we speak, so we celebrate them as well as their forbears as we all begin to glimpse a long-promised tomorrow struggling to finally be born.

These companies are all celebrating Black History Month in unique and thoughtful ways. They shared their plans with us below.

Why is it important for GE Power to observe Black History Month? 

Black History Month is a time to commemorate and reflect on the remarkable achievements of African Americans throughout history. This year, the African American Forum (AAF) Atlanta Hub (comprised of all GE businesses in metro-Atlanta) will celebrate the contributions of African American inventors/pioneers at GE and within our global community in science, technology, medicine, and others. The celebration will emphasize the legacy of diversity and inclusion, highlight moments in African American history, and recognize the ongoing impact of African American culture.

Can you give us some examples of specific ways your company is celebrating Black History Month in 2021? 

GE’s African American Forum will kick off a Black History Month speaker series, including former AAF leaders skilled with “golden nuggets” to share in support of AAF’s goals during this month of reflection and celebration.

An AAF Legacy video, “A Legacy of Diversity—How African Americans helped to shape GE” will encourage employees to reflect on ways we can continue to drive the AAF legacy forward and strengthen ties in the communities we serve.

There will also be volunteers events to give back to the community, including partnerships with the Ebenezer Baptist Church Black History Month Project (in collaboration with Hands on Atlanta) – The Love Feast, providing care packages for those experiencing homelessness; and Brumby Elementary – Food distribution to 350+ families of students.

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Why is it important for GoDaddy to observe Black History Month? 

Black History Month is a time to reflect on all the accomplishments that the people of the African diaspora have made throughout history. Although we should always be cognizant of Black contributions, February is an opportunity to tap into increased visibility and conversations to share and teach cultural acceptance, which can lead to a more inclusive and productive workplace. At GoDaddy, our Employee Resource Groups serve to help us celebrate, learn about, and uplift our employees’ different cultures in the company.

Can you give us some examples of specific ways your company is celebrating Black History Month in 2021? 

This year GoDaddy is partnering with Black entrepreneur and GoDaddy Maker, Moziah Bridges owner of Mo’s Bows, to design a custom bowtie that symbolizes what Black History Month means to him. Our goal is to uplift and amplify his voice and story while donating proceeds for the bowtie sales to a charity. Donations will go to The Black upStart. This organization teaches aspiring Black entrepreneurs how to start a successful and profitable business through an intense, culturally relevant pop-up shop. Our Black in Technology ERG is also hosting an array of events for our employees to engage and learn more about African diasporic cultures.

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Why is it important for Adobe to observe Black History Month? 

Adobe For All is our vision to create a workplace where everyone feels included and respected and has an equal opportunity to make an impact. Celebrating cultural moments and partnering with our employee networks is an essential way we foster inclusion and bring together our employees and the community. In partnership with our Black Employee Network (BEN), Adobe is celebrating Black History Month by raising awareness of issues on race, inclusion, and belonging; celebrating the contributions from the Black community, and creating a platform for the Black experience to be heard.

Can you give us some examples of specific ways your company is celebrating Black History Month in 2021? 

Our Black Employee Network’s theme for Black History Month this year is Celebrating Black life, love, and legacy. Throughout the month, they are hosting events that reflect that theme and highlight the talent, creativity, courage, and leadership in their community. Some examples of what we have planned internally include a virtual kickoff event, where employees will be entertained by artists who exemplify excellence in music, creativity, and dance; a Black Women Creatives panel discussion co-hosted by our Women at Adobe and Black Employee Networks; an online marketplace supporting Black-owned businesses; volunteering events, and more. Externally, as part of Adobe’s commitment to Creativity for All, we are supporting, elevating, and celebrating underrepresented creators through campaigns like our “When I See Black” film, our Diverse Voices showcase, and more.

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Why is it important at Instacart to observe Black History Month? 

At Instacart, we celebrate cultural heritage months right alongside company milestones. For us, February is a month of acknowledgment, unity, and empowerment. In honor of Black History Month, Instacart and our Nightshades ERG recognize and honor the success of influential Black figures in tech, food, business, fitness, music, and more. While Black History Month may be set for one month each year, the recognition and celebration of Black People, Black History, and Black Culture is a year-round event. Our Nightshades community has been active since 2018, with a mission dedicated to seeking to encourage growth and community amongst Instacart’s Black employees. Nightshades is dedicated to building an inclusive environment that reflects the communities we serve, by increasing the ratio of Black employees at Instacart, as well as supporting and developing those who are already here.

Can you give us some examples of specific ways your company is celebrating Black History Month in 2021? 

We are hosting company-wide programming aimed at celebrating Black culture, including fireside chats like our Detox Chat Series with Chef Nelson owner of alaMar Kitchen & Bar and Sobre Mesa, meditations, virtual Unity Days to share our stories, heritage, and HBCU pride to stay connected when working apart. Our programming includes “Buy Black” a speaker series inviting entrepreneurs in the Black community to share their experience with our team. We also created an internal-facing, “Buy Black Virtual Marketplace” shopping guide for our team, highlighting Black-owned businesses, companies, and creators.

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Why is it important for Salesforce to observe Black History Month?

As the world becomes increasingly interconnected and diverse – it’s more important than ever to have a workplace that welcomes all. At Salesforce, we strive to create a workplace that reflects the diverse communities around us and where everyone feels seen, heard, valued, and empowered to succeed. During Black History Month, it’s a time where we celebrate all that has been done and must be done, as we strive for a more equal and just society. We honor the work of our ancestors who fought for our futures — so that we could be here.

Can you give us some examples of specific ways your company is celebrating Black History Month in 2021?

During Black History Month and every month, we honor the voices of the Civil Rights Movement and of racial equality. Throughout the month of February BOLDforce (, our employee resource group for our Black employees and allies will be coming together to celebrate through various events focused on education, development, and health including some of the following:

  • * #WokeWednesday: ( A conversation with American civil rights activist, podcaster, and former school administrator, DeRay McKesson.
  • * A professional development program, Speaking Without Words, that highlights the importance of branding and communication within the workplace.
  • * Employees will be able to hear from former Wall Street professional and creator/host of REVOLT TV’s hit weekly segment, Maconomics, Ross Mac.
  • * A conversation with Dr. Uché Blackstock, Board-certified Emergency Medicine physician and founder of Advancing Health Equity which works to advance equity in healthcare for each and every patient.
  • * The BOLDBooks Book Club is reading Stacey Abrams, political leader, voting rights activist and New York Times bestselling author, most recent release, Our Time Is Now: Power, Purpose, and the Fight for a Fair America.

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Why is it important for Trimble to observe Black History Month? 

We value our Black employees and want to increase access to education for all employees to increase awareness and appreciation for Black history, important milestones, and the many accomplishments achieved.

Can you give us some examples of specific ways your company is celebrating Black History Month in 2021? 

Our Black Professional Employee Network (BPN) has a full calendar of events that include employee story sharing, celebration of famous Black people in history, posting important things in black history related to art, innovation and accomplishments.

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Why is it important for LexisNexis Risk Solutions Group to observe Black History Month?

It is important for our company to observe Black History Month because it’s a time to celebrate the rich, vast, and notable culture of those of African descent. Black history is American history and something that should be engrained in every fiber of our society every day of the year. However, it’s important to have this distinguished moment, not only to recognize the achievements, advancements, and contributions of those from the African diaspora, but to also confront the difficult history, injustices, and brutality brought by the hands of our nation, so that we can find ways to mend wounds, learn from our past and pave the way for a brighter future that includes intentional solutions. We celebrate because we intend to be a part of those solutions.

Can you give us some examples of specific ways your company is celebrating Black History Month in 2021?

This year, our African Ancestry Network is celebrating Black History Month across their 10 national chapters with the theme, ““Representing Our Past, Celebrating our Present Identity and Taking Action Toward a More Just and Equal Future.” There are over 25 events that include service to the community, shedding light on racial injustice, highlighting Black culture through music and cuisine, and inviting open and honest dialogue about several issues directly affecting the Black community. The African Ancestry Network is one of our longest-running employee resource groups, with over 17 years active.

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Why is it important for Squarespace to observe Black History Month?

Squarespace understands the importance of building and sustaining a healthy workplace environment that enables our Black employees to show up in the fullness of their identity and thrive. At Squarespace, our Black at Squarespace (BASS) Employee Resource Group (ERG) partners with stakeholders across the business to determine how our organization observes BHM. Black History Month presents us with an annual opportunity to celebrate the brilliance and innovation of our Black customers, who use our product to showcase their brand and bring their creative ideas to life. While celebrating Black History Month presents us with a more universal moment to spotlight the meaningful work and contributions of the Black community, this work is happening year-round within our organization.

Can you give us some examples of specific ways your company is celebrating Black History Month in 2021?

We are especially excited to celebrate this year’s Black History Month through our theme: For the Soul, which is centered on the notion that the human soul is not constrained by limits; it is boundless and extraordinary. We’ll embrace the ways our community nourishes and cares for the soul through their own unique expressions. We’re featuring both customer and employee stories, focusing on various subjects that speak to the souls of individuals within the Black / African-American community ranging from Food, Art, Wellness, Fashion, & Advocacy. For our employee stories, we’ve partnered with two SQSP customers to create illustrated self-portraits that will be shared with the broader SQSP community. We also have internal communications and programming in store for employees throughout February, connected back to the theme of For the Soul and featuring Black-owned businesses. Programming includes a virtual cooking class with an SQSP customer and a paint and sip event for our BASS ERG members.

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Why is it important for Quickbase to observe Black History Month? 

Black History Month is an opportunity for Quickbase to celebrate the people, events, and contributions of the Black diaspora in the United States. It is also time to reflect on everything that has transpired over the last year. We are living Black History as we speak so we are also leveraging this observance as a chance to increase the cultural competency of our team and offer our people tools and resources to engage in our DEI work.

Can you give us some examples of specific ways your company is celebrating Black History Month in 2021? 

We have a number of events planned to celebrate Black History Month. We will be hosting several workshops and dialogues on topics like Racial Healing and How to be an Ally or Accomplice. Throughout the month we will also be sharing books, articles, films, and podcasts that celebrate the achievements of Black people and spotlight contributions to the Black community. We will also host a number of watch parties and facilitated discussions featuring movies that explore different elements of the Black experience.

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Why is it important for NGM Biopharmaceuticals to observe Black History Month? 

The biopharmaceutical industry is plagued with a lack of Black diversity in our workforce and a well-earned and systemic distrust from the Black community. As there’s been a recent upsurge in hateful white nationalist ideology and activities, it’s more important than ever for our company to observe Black History Month. It is our opportunity to learn about and to commemorate the achievements of African-Americans in the struggle for true equality. To do better tomorrow, we must acknowledge and learn from the past.

Can you give us some examples of specific ways your company is celebrating Black History Month in 2021? 

NGM is hosting a virtual happy hour at which we will engage our colleagues with a celebration of Black History Month. We have also gifted employees a one-month subscription to Ally Nudge, a program designed to educate and empower people to be an ally to the Black community. And lastly, we have dedicated our “Diversity Corner”, a company intranet page dedicated to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion “DEI” initiatives, to raising the awareness of employees as it relates to black history and achievements with relevant reading materials, implicit bias self-testing, and more.

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Why is it important for Salsify to observe Black History Month? 

Black History month provides us all with a moment to celebrate and rejoice in the tremendous achievements of Black Americans; while at the same time recommitting to learning from our past as to what has worked and what we still need to do.

Can you give us some examples of specific ways your company is celebrating Black History Month in 2021? 

We are hosting a Moving from Non-Racist to Anti-Racist workshop. This workshop will debunk some of the most prevalent myths about allyship and provide a framework for how to turn allyship into a commitment to anti-racism. We are also hosting a community conversation around Kamala Harris and what her historic win means for all. This conversation will explore and discuss Kamala’s historic win as the first female VP, the first Black and South Asian VP, and biracial identity.

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Why is it important for Imprivata to observe Black History Month?

Observing Black History Month is important to Imprivata because it is an opportunity to celebrate and learn from the accomplishments of African Americans and share with our employees.

Can you give us some examples of specific ways your company is celebrating Black History Month in 2021? 

Imprivata is celebrating Black History Month by creating and sharing weekly newsletters with our employees that include history, resources, and ways to celebrate Black History Month. Additionally, we are hiring small black-owned businesses to host events throughout the month.

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Why is it important for Who What Wear to observe Black History Month? 

Black History Month has always been significant and we believe that now, more than ever it’s time to shine a light on all of the amazing achievements, inventions, and ideologies that the Black community has brought to this country.

Can you give us some examples of specific ways your company is celebrating Black History Month in 2021?

Throughout the month of February, Who What Wear will double down on its ongoing employee donation matching program by matching 200% of donations made to organizations that combat racism, fight for social justice, or celebrate Black excellence. Also, our IG (@cliquebrands) and LinkedIn (@Clique) will turn the spotlight on Black History Month and celebrate stories from our employees through our weekly Employee Spotlight program. Last, we’ll host an employee event Lessons Through Film, where we will talk about what we learned through the stories Black film creators from a selection of films that we’ll watch throughout the month. We’re still virtual, of course, but lunch will be covered by the company at this event if our employees order delivery from a Black-owned establishment.

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 Why is it important for Kryuss to observe Black History Month?

For us at Kyruus, Black History Month is an opportunity for reflection, education, and celebration. While we are committed to building a diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace all year, Black History Month is a chance to plan events throughout the month to specifically confront and commemorate black history.

Can you give us some examples of specific ways your company is celebrating Black History Month in 2021?

Our goal is to provide an opportunity for all Kyruuvians to engage in these important conversations so we’ve chosen to read Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man by Emmanuel Acho in our HR Book Club, are focusing on BIPOC winemakers in our Sip & Learn Series (a virtual wine education series led by a Kyruuvian), and will be viewing James Baldwin’s I Am Not Your Negro for our DEI Documentary Club. Beyond that, we’ve put together educational resources for Kyruuvians including black businesses to support and this month’s installment of our DEI Speaker Series – a Lunch & Learn on How to Celebrate Black History Month moderated by one of our own Kyruuvians.

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Why is it important for your company to observe Black History Month? 

Karyopharm is a global pharmaceutical company that lives by its ICURE values (Innovation, Courage, Urgency, Resilience, Energy). You cannot have innovation without diversity. We have a diverse leadership team and we speak over 23 languages at the company. We are proud to recognize and pay homage to the contributions, innovations, and trailblazers within the black community that have elevated the fields of business, technology, art, music, & especially science.

Can you give us some examples of specific ways your company is celebrating Black History Month in 2021? 

Karyopharm has a month of events to help us learn about and celebrate Black and African-Americans. We are providing a swag bag to employees full of goodies such as BHM fact cards, BHM buttons and a water bottle, a family-friendly coloring book of African-American leaders, and more. We have an all-company meeting with guest speaker Jackie Glenn, founder and CEO of GLENN DIVERSITY Inclusion & HR Solutions. Karyopharm will also be providing lunch vouchers for employees to buy lunches from Black-owned businesses. At the end of the month, Karyopharm will wrap up BHM with a trivia game around Black History Month.

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Why is it important for Vertafore to observe Black History Month? 

The black community is underrepresented in the technology industry. We want to make sure we have a supportive community and culture that ensures the black community is welcome and supported.

Can you give us some examples of specific ways your company is celebrating Black History Month in 2021? 

We have an employee resource group [email protected], and its mission is to provide employees with a safe space to discuss and engage with issues affecting the black community at Vertafore and beyond. This is important to further foster the Vertafore Way principles of winning together, cultivating a bias to action, and show up curious. [email protected] is also sponsoring content in our weekly internal newsletter with a dedicated Black History Month page. We also have a Voices for Change Initiative, the goal of which is to elevate important and diverse voices, and to examine how the Vertafore community can positively contribute to progress.​​​​​​ It’s a series of fireside chats discussing issues of race, social justice, and diversity and inclusion with diverse leaders from the African American community and beyond.

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