The Future of Recruitment Marketing

The world is an evolving space. Every day we see new and unique trends paving the way into different fields. Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, and cloud computing are just a few examples of how the world is revolutionizing. And, these are not going to stop. By the looks of it and the way everything is transforming, the future is surely going to be diverse, totally new, and potentially very exciting.

One such trend which is here to stay and prone to constant change is recruitment marketing. Recruitment marketing is a rapidly progressing phenomenon, attracting fresh talent to increase value and investments. The real question arises: What does this mean for HR and hiring managers in 2021? The future of recruitment marketing is indicated in these top trends for the current year.

Employers look for every advantage, every way to stand out in this recruitment landscape. Unfortunately, the average tenure of young skilled workers at a single firm is constantly decreasing. As the demand for Artificial Intelligence, cloud computing, and leadership continue to rise, it is getting difficult to attract and hold on to top-level talent and skill. Therefore, recruitment marketing is gaining importance as it acts as an eye that detects talented individuals.

Let us delve deeper into the future of recruitment marketing and see how new trends are transforming processes.

Recruitment Marketing Trends That Will Redefine Hiring in 2020

Recruitment marketing aims to place the organization as the most “preferred employer”, to multiply the number of applicants received for any position. However, since it is a continuous process, keeping up with the latest recruitment marketing trends is essential to survive the competition.

The Employer Brand will take the Centre Stage for Every Candidate Communication

Companies strive to differentiate the value proposition in a competitive hiring environment. Figuring out a clear employer brand should be the first step. Based on SmashFly’s 2019 Recruitment Marketing Benchmarks Report, between 2017-2018 the share of firms with a clear employer brand escalated to 3%. It means branding strategy will be one of the primary marketing trends visible soon.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Will Take Control of Candidate Communications

Artificial Intelligence gains significance. Consequently, chances are it will go beyond candidate screening and assessment. It would therefore impact the marketing stage as well. For instance, jobs posted on a firm’s website can enhance interaction with visitors. The AI bot, Mya, is one such recruitment technology that businesses can use to keep pace with this particular marketing trend.

Prioritizing Candidate Experiences

Offering a positive candidate experience can significantly raise the probability of individuals choosing to join a particular company. In the years to come, encouraging candidates to express and share their experiences on digital platforms like Comparably shall become an important trend for recruitment marketing strategies. Moreover, research proves that there is a strong connection with the various recruitment marketing strategies and where the organization stands on these social platforms.

Maximum Focus On Targeted Content vs. Job Alerts

The conventional way of making candidates sign up for job alerts and share notifications whenever there is a vacancy is taking its leave. Today, it’s more suitable and feasible to position the employer brand and its USP- rather than the designation- to the candidate as the bait. Hence, the decrease in the number of job alerts since 2016 according to the previously mentioned SmashFly report is justified. So, this becomes a trend to remember for recruitment marketing in the coming years.

Social Media Skills Benefit Recruiters

Considering the way technology is prevailing, there will be no surprise if it finds its way in recruitment marketing as well. Companies must identify the platforms where the majority of the candidates spend their time and strive to connect with them. Today, social media is topping the charts where an increasing number of employees possess active social handles on Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. A massive 90% of recruiters believe that social media skills are now crucial for the market.

Predictive Analytics: Dynamic Customer Expectations

When it comes to the future of recruitment marketing, predictive analytics is one of the most excellent technologies to keep an eye on. As the future of work becomes a moment of truth, recruiting too will become more future-oriented. And, to accomplish this objective, predictive insights based on advanced data analytics are vital. Moreover, predictive analytics can highlight the strongest recruiting channels, communication formats, and interaction methods with potential employees, showing the way forward in 2020 and beyond.

Recruitment Marketing: Essential Emailing

Regardless of several communication channels introduced, email will always remain a marketing favorite to connect. With a large-scale audience, recruiters can leverage this marketing trend to interact with talented and skilled candidates. In 2020, email marketing shall be integrated with automation (to allow personalization at scale) with AI (to recommend the perfect content for every candidate) to achieve fresh momentum.

Employee Stories: The ultimate Recruitment Marketing Content

Recruitment marketing revolves around enhancing and strengthening the position and perception of the company. And, nothing does this more effectively than employee stories– digital stories narrated through videos and blogs about existing workers accompanied with email-based recruitment marketing trends to instill an emotional connection with the organization. The aforementioned SmashFly report states that 75% of the firms involved in employee stories in 2018, an increase from 50% in 2015. Thus, it is safe to say this trend is bound to gain recognition in the upcoming years.


The future of recruitment marketing can be summarized as a mix of these top trends. Therefore, for companies to stay ahead of the competition and grab the best candidates, they must learn the best practices of recruitment marketing. It is vital that companies are well-versed in the different facets of the method, as well as keeping on top of new trends happening in the field of recruitment marketing. Only then will they be able to get their hands on skilled staff and soar to new heights.


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