Tips for a Positive Candidate Experience

The current job market is more candidate-driven than it has ever been. Professionals with varying levels of expertise in numerous industries are in high demand, which means they have a pool of options to consider when choosing an employer. The availability of options, along with increased employee negotiating power, has pushed candidate experience to the top of many organizations’ priority lists for talent acquisition and workforce management.

In general, the better the applicant experience, the more likely a company is to recruit top talent. Exceptional applicants expect memorable experiences throughout and after the hiring process.

The Importance of Candidate Experiences 

Poor recruiting experiences can negatively influence an employer’s ability to hire outstanding talent. 27% of candidates who had a negative experience actively discouraged others from applying.

On the contrary, organizations can acquire the commitment and trust of candidates by providing a great candidate experience. These applicants may become advocates and brand ambassadors for the organization and help to strengthen their employer brand.

Tips on creating a positive candidate experience 

An effective candidate experience is result-oriented and has a clear purpose. With that being said, consider the following tips for a smooth candidate experience: 

  1. Make an impressive first impression

According to a study, 57% of candidates undertake initial research on an organization’s website, indicating the importance of designing career pages and candidate-facing web pages to spark an applicant’s interest.

A good career site should make visitors feel welcome and provide them with the information they need, such as information on job openings, company culture, and work environment. Including employee testimonials and other brand ambassador content can really help inspire action in page visitors. 

  1. Offer a quick and streamlined application process

When a qualified candidate decides whether or not to apply for a position, talent acquisition experts should ensure that they have an excellent user experience. To do so, create a well-designed, easy-to-navigate careers page with a clear, well-articulated job description for each position. 

Ensure that it includes links to essential applicant resources such as recruiting videos, benefit summaries, and hiring process overviews. It is vital to introduce mobile-friendly application forms for the digitally savvy applicants in today’s world. 

  1. Reach out to them without any delays 

While excellent candidate communication is one of the pillars of a positive experience, keeping in touch with applicants when working on multiple requirements can be challenging. A lack of updates can also aggravate both the hiring party and the candidate.

Even if they are not selected for an interview, every candidate deserves a response. Whether it’s an automated email, a letter, or a phone call, applicants will not feel their time was wasted if it is timely and polite. Organizations that treat all candidates fairly are more likely to have applicants resubmit or refer family, friends, and coworkers to apply.

  1. Treat them as you treat your staff

There are numerous advantages to treating a candidate like you would treat any of your staff members.  You give criticism and suggestions for improvement to your staff, so do the same throughout the hiring session.

Whether you hire them or not, your feedback and suggestions give candidates an overview of your company culture, professional development, and knowledge they may apply in future interviews.

  1. Convey your company values

A successful recruitment process draws top talent and generates enthusiasm for the organization. It provides prospects with a preview of their prospective working environment, so, it helps to stick to your principles. 

If your beliefs encourage innovation, make sure your recruiting technology does as well. If you want to foster trust, make sure you communicate with them openly and honestly.

  1. Set realistic expectations of time and communication

If you don’t set expectations with each applicant, they’ll develop their own for the recruitment process, hiring timeline, job responsibilities, and so on. Disappointment and even resentment can occur as a result of this. Be explicit about what they can expect from your recruiting team to avoid disappointing or disgruntling applicants. 

Let job searchers know when you’ll get back to them at each touchpoint. If you know you won’t be able to answer every application, indicate this clearly in your job description. Job applicants can manage their expectations in this way to prevent feeling overlooked or disappointed.

  1. Personalized Connections

As managers and marketers, you need to know that each connection with potential candidates provides an opportunity to make a lasting and favorable impression. 

As a result, recruiting teams should personalize each encounter in their messaging and conversations. Even if they don’t get the job, candidates will become advocates due to your efforts.

When a position has to be filled, it’s easy to get caught up in finding the perfect candidate and forget that your applicants are also reviewing you as an employer. Candidate experience is crucial for building a strong employer brand and attracting top talent. While it may necessitate more focused attention and evaluation, don’t overlook these seven factors. These small changes can help applicants relax and have a more positive candidate experience.

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