What Top Talent Wants From Companies in 2022

Companies have struggled with a shrinking talent pool in the past few years. With the coming of the pandemic, the job market entirely transformed, and even now, it is evolving rapidly in front of our eyes. This is the era where boomers retire, and career nomads are looking for new opportunities. 

Today, the traditional physical workplace is almost dead, and new models of work and technology are on the rise. New skill sets are in high demand, and talent diversity and inclusion are more important than ever. Moreover, employees have become much more aware of their rights and social issues that impact their working environment.

HR managers are presented with a great responsibility of redefining job descriptions and prioritizing the health and safety of the employees. To get hold of the top talent in 2022, companies are preparing to revamp their policies and working structures. Great resignation has made employers lose talent, and now they need to attract the most qualified replacements and that is the major reason behind all these changes.

Expectations of Employees from Companies in 2022

Today, recruiters and employers need to find new ways to recruit and have something more than a decent salary to offer. Employees want a lot more than just a big paycheck at the end of each month. Let’s see what expectations the top talents have from companies in the coming year. 

Diversity and Inclusion 

Diversity and inclusion are one of the most important factors that employees expect to see from companies in 2022. They need companies to ensure an organization is a combination of different cultures, backgrounds, and ages. Setting up a diverse working workforce has proven very beneficial in the past. The top talent believes that diversity and inclusion are not just a feel-good initiative, but they have become a ‘must-have.’    

Companies need to understand that diversity is not only about age, race, or gender; it is about qualifications, experience, beliefs, and views. Potential employees are looking forward to having all this in their new workplaces. 

Open Communication and Manageable Workloads

Employees have experienced enough burnout during the pandemic, with a majority struggling to find a manageable work-life balance. Companies have offered therapy sessions to cater to this issue, but somehow hybrid working systems blurred lines between professional and personal life. Employees expect companies to have a better and open channel to communicate with the company about their concerns and perspective. 

Employees are looking forward to having more human connections and manageable workloads, which is what the HR managers and employers need to focus on. 

Hybrid to Stay 

Pandemic resulted in millions of in-office workers switching to remote work to prevent the further spread of this deadly virus. Now that people have worked for a very long time from the comfort of their homes, many of them would consider doing a job that offers a hybrid working environment. Coming back to the office full-time is not something that employees will prefer after experiencing the perks of working from home.

Companies need to consider the interest of their employees in remote or hybrid work and focus on the importance of providing better workplace experiences for their people. To make this happen, companies need to upgrade their technology to cater to the changing dynamics of the workplace. 

Improved Job Security Policies

We are all aware of mass redundancies during the pandemic and how that financially and mentally affected people all around the globe. The new talent is very mindful of the job market’s uncertainty, and they want to be secure in 2022. Employees expect to have contracts that provide them with job security in difficult times. They don’t want to be laid off if the pandemic comes back or any other unfortunate incident happens. 

Employers have always protected themselves against significant threats, and now employees want the same for themselves. This is what they will be expecting from recruiters in 2022. 

Importance Towards Mental Health

People have been significantly impacted mentally by the effects of the pandemic, and they have experienced depression, anxiety, and emotional distress symptoms. People who have been laid off have also shown suicidal behavior. The potential employees of 2022 are among these people, and they expect companies to have better mental health facilities at the workplace

Employees have a better understanding of the impact of mental health on productivity and outcome. That is why they expect to see in-house therapists and other mental awareness guidelines adopted by companies in 2022. 


This has painted a clear picture in front of the companies and employers to focus on the interests and expectations of their potential employees. Great resignation is real, but it is not the end of the world, and it is certainly not too late to get the most exemplary employees in 2022. Show your potential employees what differentiates your organization and how dedicated you are to fulfilling their expectations. By doing so, top talent will be attracted to your culture and open roles. 

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