Why Influencer Marketing is So Hot

It is almost impossible to scroll through your Instagram or Facebook feed without seeing some sort of influencer marketing. Every social networking platform is filled with influencers showing off their latest outfits, makeup brands, restaurant recommendations, and much more. From conventional posts on feeds to prominent Instagram and TikTok stories, influencers keep finding ways to get sponsored on their favorite platforms. 

Today, influencers are ruling the social media industry, and the holiday season and beyond, brands have bagged opportunities to work with content creators to market their festive launches. Covid-19 was at its peak last year, and the restrictions on movement presented a golden opportunity for them to engage with their audience and acquire a considerable following. 

With everything shifting online, brands have entrusted content creators to be innovative and grab the target audience’s attention. Even startups and smaller brands have started partnering with nano-creators to amp up their game for a better engagement. Influencers are the hotshot in the marketing industry because they are more approachable and affordable than more traditional methods. 

What is Influencer Marketing 

In the most basic way, influencer marketing is how brands promote their products through suggestions and endorsements from content creators or bloggers on social media. Influencer marketing is a way to reach people you can’t gain through conventional advertising. Typically, athletes and celebrities are the most sought-after influencers that impact people. Still, you don’t just want a celebrity to authenticate a particular product or lend credibility to a brand on social media. What you want are industry experts, content creators, and bloggers that resonate with people more.  

These people are well-aware of the market and the strategies to boost engagement. Influencer marketing can contribute to your business in many ways. From helping you grow brand awareness, boost your online presence, and ensure lead generation. There are several types of influencer marketing campaigns used by influencers according to the needs of the brands. 

Types of influencer marketing include: 

  • Unboxings 
  • Affiliate marketing 
  • Social media takeover 
  • Brand ambassador programs 
  • Sponsored content  

Why is Influencer Marketing So Hot

Influencer marketing has become a big thing in today’s digital age. This marketing technique enables exponential sales and brand conversions. There are many reasons for this rapid growth as influencer marketing gained popularity in a very short time. Despite all the challenges, like finding the right influencer and spotting imposters, this marketing strategy is prevailing in many industries across the globe. 

World of SEO

In this transforming global village, we hear things like rankings and keywords all the time. According to data, 25% of search consists of user-generated social media posts of the top 20 brands in the world. This data shows that the more influencers talk about your brand on their social media platforms, the more pertinence you will generate on search engines.

This marketing strategy helps you generate verifiable links, which further aids in increasing your traffic, user engagement signals, and visibility. When these content creators generate content and link it to you, this creates a high-quality backlink for your site and increases the chances of other people sharing your link too.  

Trackable and Targetable 

For years, the marketing industry had stayed in the dark because of the limitations of traditional marketing strategies. There was a lack of information and dull user feedback, which affected the overall marketing campaigns’ effectiveness. However, things have completely changed in the digital era of marketing. 

Marketers can now gather and analyze data based on shares, likes, and comments. Static information is available to marketers and influencers, targeting potential users and gaining more reach. Word-of-mouth strategies have efficiently boosted marketing campaigns and showed better results than paid ads. Well-known influencers and celebrities can recommend brands to their followers who admire them, and this can be beneficial for brands in increasing brand awareness. 


Looking for influencer marketing but don’t have the Nestle budget to reach someone like Katy Perry or Mike Tyson? As mentioned earlier, an influencer doesn’t have to be a celebrity as an industry expert or a blogger can do a great job as well. This type of marketing can return 7x your ad spend. All you have to do is plan your marketing campaign smartly and get the most out of one of the affordable marketing channels available. 

As an example, influencers are taking over the role of models and photoshoots for product campaigns, which helps massively reduce production costs. All the production costs are included in influencer fees which are impressively lower than the conventional production costs. 


Brands are taking opportunities to use influencers creatively and make the most out of this marketing technique. After everything went online due to the pandemic, influencer marketing became the most efficient way to connect with the consumers and promote products to a more extensive audience. Are you using influencers to market your brand? If not, it may be time to consider and test this method against your existing marketing channels. You may be surprised at the end result. 

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