More Than 40% of Workers in Tech Say They Don’t Get an Annual Bonus

Forty-one percent of men and forty-four percent of women who work in the tech sector say their companies do not give annual bonuses, according to the latest reading of an ongoing query by Comparably.

The results, compiled on Jun 26 from the responses of more than 10,000 workers across the tech industry, reveal several interesting findings.

By department

Workers in sales and administrative roles said their companies were least likely to give annual bonuses (at 43% and 45% said their companies paid annual bonuses, respectively). Workers in legal were most likely to get bonuses (78%.)


By location

Sixty-eight percent of employees in Seattle said their companies give them an annual bonus every year — the most of residents in any other city. Seattle was followed next by Chicago (64%) and Houston (63%).

The cities that had the lowest concentration of people who say they get a bonus every year was Salt Lake City (50%), followed next by Portland and Denver (54% in both).


By education

Workers with an associate’s degree or lower were least likely to report that their company gives an annual bonus (56% or less). The rate increased from there, peaking at 66% for those with their Master’s or Doctorate.


By experience

Sixty-three percent of workers who have been at their companies for more than 10 years said they get an annual bonus compared to 52% of workers who are either entry level or have 3 years or less experience at their companies.



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