Getting a Raise with Salary Data on Comparably (TV SPOT)

Underpaid? If you’re looking for a raise, or just want to make sure you’re paid fairly, negotiate your salary like a boss with Comparably, an invaluable resource for your career.

Comparably makes workplace compensation and culture dramatically more transparent with the most comprehensive data in the industry. It offers accurate salaries, equity, and work culture statistics among peers in the same field, segmented by Gender, City, Age, Ethnicity, Experience, and Dept. You can’t find this benchmarking anywhere else.

Comparably has culture data on how thousands of employees who are working in tech (& other industries) rate work. We have one of the most comprehensive & detailed sets of work culture studies ever compiled. Virtually every aspect of work culture is rated, and the data is visualized into beautiful infographics. Some examples of culture questions are: Have Your Ever Been Sexually Harassed At Work, What Does Your CEO Most Need To Improve, and What’s Your Bigger Stressor At Work.

Comparably will help employees on important job making decisions. Which job should I take? How much of a salary, benefits, or equity should I negotiate for? What kind of office environment would I most thrive in?

See how much you should be getting paid. See thousands of real salaries, and equity broken down by ethnicity, education, company size, company funding, location, and experience


Comparably monitors the job market for the best Careers, Compensation, & Companies to make work more Rewarding & Transparent.


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