Most People Would Leave Their Current Job for a 20% Pay Bump

Four out of every five tech workers would leave their current job for a 20% increase in salary, according to data from Comparably.

It’s a telling figure, as it sheds light on at least one of the factors that goes into deciding on a job change. It’s also unsurprising on some level: 20% raises are hardly common, so to be offered that much of an increase would certainly be tempting.

That’s why the flip side may be even more telling: one out of every five people *wouldn’t* leave their current job for a 20% increase. That tells us that some people, even when offered an extraordinary raise, see more potential at their current company.

The figures referenced below are from a June 2 reading of an ongoing query of workers in the technology industry.

By department

Here’s the breakdown by department. Note that those in executive roles and HR were more likely than others to forego the opportunity, while those in IT were the most likely to jump for a 20% increase.dept20By city

The ranges on a city level were far less drastic than on a department level, but still interesting. Eighty-four percent of respondents in Austin and D.C. were most eager to jump ship for a 20% boost — the most in any city. Seventy-six percent of workers in Dallas would jump ship.


By education level

People with their bachelors or master’s degrees appeared most eager to jump ship for a 20% pay boost.


By age and ethnicity

Responses were equivalent across people of all ethnicities and ages, except for the 60-plus crowd, where a 20% salary increase seemed to hold less allure.




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