Millennials Are More Transparent About Salary Than Anyone Else

It’s still taboo for people to reveal how much they earn, though millennials are more open to it than most.

More than 30% of workers aged 18 to 30 said they were “somewhat” or “very” likely to share their salary with their coworkers, according to the latest reading of an online query by Comparably. Only 12% of workers above 40 said the same.

Older millennials (those aged 31 to 35) were less eager to talk salary than their younger counterparts, though 29% of them said it would depend on the situation. That’s the most in any age group.


The results, which came from the self-reported responses of more than 10,000 workers in tech, show that compensation is still a highly sensitive subject even for the youngest workers. Thirty-one percent of respondents across all age groups said they were unlikely to share their compensation details, and 21% said they would never do it. (The 41-45 age group was most against it, with 28% answering “never.” Only 14% of workers aged 18-30 said the same.)

Overall, workers are still very guarded about discussing their compensation with coworkers.

While it’s hardly best practice to ask your coworker what she makes (compensation is determined by a blend of factors, including a person’s salary-negotiating skills), it’s important for you to know that you’re being paid fairly. Check out Comparably to see what people with your job title and experience earn at similar companies.


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