Designers Are the Most Burnt Out Workers in Tech

More than half of all design workers in tech say they feel burnt out at work. That’s according to the latest reading of an ongoing query by Comparably. The data is based on the responses of more than 5,000 workers across the tech industry.

Design workers report highest rates of burnout

At 56%, people who work in design report the highest rates of burnout. Those in customer support, and admin roles reported the next highest rates, while those in HR and executive roles reported the lowest.


Burnout by city

Fifty-nine percent of respondents in Portland described themselves as burnt out. That’s higher than the average of about 49% nationwide.

Portland was followed next by Phoenix (55%), Denver (54%) and New York (52%). San Francisco, often considered the pressure cooker of America’s tech scene, ranked No. 11 out of the 15 cities on the list: 48% of the respondents there claim they feel burnt out by their work.

The cities where workers reported the least burnout were Salt Lake City, Chicago, Austin, and Seattle (all at 47%).


Burnout gets worse as careers progress

Work burnout can take many forms, but is generally described as a state of chronic mental and emotional stress that makes it harder to make decisions and get motivated. The rate of it generally increases as people move further into their careers: 44% of entry-level workers experienced work burnout compared to 51% of workers a decade or more into their career, according to Comparably.


Burnout is less of an issue in older age

From an age perspective, work burnout remained mostly steady near 50% until age 51, when it begins to drop off. For workers age 61 to 65, it was around 44% and for workers age 66+, it was around 31%.


For more insights, check out the full query here

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