Few People Have Ever Had to Take a Pay Cut to Keep Their Job

Just 16% percent of workers in tech say they have been forced to take a pay cut to keep their job, according to the latest reading of an ongoing query by Comparably.

It depends on department

Whether or not a person has ever been asked to take a pay cut has to do with the segment of tech they’re in. Workers in executive, communications, and sales roles have the highest rates of encountering this sort of proposition while workers in finance and marketing have the lowest.


A thing of the past?

In a sign perhaps that this used to be more of a common practice than it is today, workers who are older are far more likely to say they’ve been given this proposition more than workers who are younger. On average, 12%¬†of people aged 40 or below who have had to take a pay cut to keep their job. That’s far less than the average of 28% of workers above age 40.


The data is derived from more than 1,000 workers across the tech industry as of Aug. 29.


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