Most People Expect a 3% or 5% Raise Every Year

Sixty-seven percent of workers in the technology industry expect either a 3% or 5% raise every year, according to the latest reading of an ongoing query by Comparably.

How it breaks down

Thirty-six percent of people expect a 3% raise, 31% expect a 5% raise, and 15% of people expect no raise at all. Raises of 10% or more were the least common, with 13% of people saying they expect a 10% raise and 4% saying they expect 15% or more.


The split among men and women was equal.


Snapshot by city

While the most common answer in every city was either 3% or 5%, a significant percentage of workers in some notoriously expensive cities expected a salary of at least 10%. Those cities included San Francisco (28%), Los Angeles (23%), New York (23%), and Portland, Ore. (22%).

San Francisco


Los Angeles


New York


Portland, Ore.


The figures above are from a June 7 reading of an ongoing query. More than 1,000 workers in the technology industry were polled.



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