Tech Workers Are Saving at a Higher Rate Than Most People

People who work in tech claim to be saving at a higher rate than the national average.

Savings: Tech workers vs. everyone else

Just over 50% of tech workers say they save at least 10% of their paycheck each month, with most of them saving 20% or more, according to the latest reading of an ongoing query by Comparably. The average personal savings rate in America is 5.9%, according to a May 1 report by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

Of course, all else considered equal (rents, cost of living, etc.), earning a higher salary leaves people with the ability to save more. And tech jobs generally pay above-average: the median annual wage for workers in computer and information technology was $81,430 in May 2015, while the national average salary was $36,200, according to the BLS.


On the flipside, about 38% of people outside of tech say they save at least 10% of their paycheck, and 39% save nothing or spend more than they make.


Engineers save the most

Among the tech workers in Comparably’s survey, engineers were most likely to save more than 20% of their paychecks.


Those in administrative and customer support roles claimed to have saved “nothing” more than anyone else.

Customer support
Customer support

Savings by city

From a location perspective, workers in San Francisco — heart of the U.S. tech scene — appeared to be saving more than anyone else (39% save at least 1/5 of their paycheck and 25% save at least 1/10).



Portland, Ore., had the highest amount of workers saving the least (22% save nothing and 9% spend more than they make).


For more, check out the full report. The figures referenced above are as of May 30.


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