Are You Paid Fairly? – Women vs Men Respond

It’s been a couple weeks since our launch, and we’re excited to publish our first set of compensation data from Comparably.  Over 1000 people working in tech responded to these two questions: “Do you believe you’re paid fairly?” & “Are you satisfied with your equity compensation”?

We then broke this data down by Women vs Men, in various functional roles: Engineering, Product, Design, etc.  The results were fascinating.

In Operations and BD/Sales there is a much lower percentage of women that believe they’re paid fairly.  When it came to the question of equity satisfaction, Women working in Product were extremely less satisfied, while Men working in Admin were much less satisfied than Women.

The gender pay-gap is real and needs more transperancy.  We believe it’s an even more thoughtful discussion when you can break this down by industry and job type.  Be part of the community, sign up for Comparably and add you’re voice to the mix.



Jason Nazar

Jason is the Co-Founder and CEO of Comparably and the current Entrepreneur in Residence for the City of Los Angeles. Before Comparably, Jason was the founder/CEO of Docstoc, the largest content site for Small Businesses aqcuired by Intuit in 2013. Jason is a popular writer on Forbes, Wall Street Journal & Business Insider. And writes about topics of compensation and culture transperancy on our Comparably Blog.


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