Wage Gap Statistics in Tech

Today is Equal Pay Day 2017.  And as part of our mission to Make Work Transparent & Rewarding, we’re releasing the study below on how Tech salaries break out across gender and ethnic lines in the major tech hubs across the US.

The following study was comprised from over 50,000+ salary records consisting of 150+ most popular Tech job titles .

Comparably Gender+EthnictyPayGap

The cities where the gender pay gap is the least pronounced: San Francisco (20%),  Denver (20%), Dallas (21%).  The cities where the gender pay gap is the most pronounced: Phoenix (41%), Atlanta (28.7%), Seattle (28%)

In the 13 Top Metros for Tech: Caucasians are paid the most in 8 cities & Asians in 5 cities.  Neither Latino/Hispanic nor African Americans are the highest paid ethnicity in any major metro.

In every major city African Americans are paid the least, however, the starkest ethnicity pay disparity is in Phoenix (Asian Americans make 42% more than African Americans), Seattle (Asian Americans make 32% more than African Americans), Boston (Caucasians make 32% more than African Americans) & Chicago (Caucasians make 31% more than African Americans).

The city with the most level playing field for both women and ethnicities is in Denver, where Gender Pay Gap is at 20% & Asian American, African American & Hispanic/Latino salaries are paid similarly, though Caucasians still make  10% more.

The cities that have the most pronounced wage gap by Ethnicity are: Seattle, Phoenix, Houston, & Boston.

Don’t be left in the dark when it comes to compensation.  See how much people like you get paid, and lets make work more transparent together.

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