Study: What the C-Suite Earns (A Look at Executive Pay in Tech)

Tech is the new finance. All over the world, people are increasingly forgoing banking for jobs with tech companies, driven by a desire for more meaningful work and employers that value innovation and flexibility.

And, like finance, jobs in tech are commanding above-average salaries. Nowhere is that more apparent than at the top.

In the analysis below, Comparably explored C-Suite and VP compensation from several different angles. The results come from an analysis of nearly 7,000 anonymous salary records for employees at small, mid-size and large public and private U.S. tech companies. The data was collected between March 2016 and June 2018.

Total compensation (base salary + bonus)

— VPs of Sales earn the biggest bonus and are most likely to get a bonus every year.
— Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs), on average, have the second biggest base and bonus salaries (base and bonus in six figures).
— Chief Product Officers (CPOs), on average, have the biggest base salary.
— VPs of Sales, CMOs, and CROs typically earn the most overall since their jobs are most tied to revenue and growth for companies.
— Technology Officers (CTOs), on average, have the lowest base salary and are least likely to get a bonus every year.
— Data does not take into account equity or stock options which is why certain titles like CEO appear to have less of a base salary and bonus than other executives.


Total compensation by gender

— The data shows that women in C-level and VP positions are paid less than men in every position.

— The biggest pay gaps are among CIOs, CMOs, CROs, and VPs of Public Relations.

— The smallest pay gaps are among CTOs, General Counsels, VPs of Human Resources and VPs of Sales.

Total compensation by company size

— Top executives earn better compensation packages at large companies across the board.

— The best salary among small companies (11-500 employees) is for VP of Sales followed by Chief Revenue Officer.

Total compensation by ethnicity

— On average, Asian/Pacific Islanders and Caucasians receive the highest pay.

— African Americans are paid the worst across the board.

— Hispanic/Latino execs are some of the highest-paid CIOs and COOs.

Total compensation by location

— San Francisco execs are paid better than most in nearly every category.

— Compensation in Seattle is also above-average, particularly for Chief Creative Officers, CIOs, COOs, and CTOs.

— The lowest-paid execs overall were in Austin, Texas.

Total compensation by funding
— Looking at private companies, it’s clear that the companies with the most in money raised ($30 million or more) have the highest salaries, followed next by those with $10 million to $30 million in funding. Those with $3 million to $10 million doled out the lowest salaries of the group.


— The results were compiled from 6,794 Comparably users in C-Suite or VP level roles. People of all ages, educational backgrounds, ethnicities and experience levels were included.

— All salaries listed reflect “average total compensation” (base salary plus bonus) unless otherwise noted.

— Employees hail from small, mid-size, and large tech companies (VC-funded, privately-held, and public) to household brands like Amazon, Apple, Google, Facebook, Uber, etc.

— Data was collected between March 2016 and June 2018.

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