Women Are Less Likely to Negotiate Their Salaries Than Men

A new snapshot of workers in tech shows that women are less likely than men to negotiate for a higher salary.

Forty-five percent of women said they had negotiated their current salary compared to 54% of men, according to the latest reading of an ongoing query by Comparably. More than 10,000 people responded to the question.

By department: women vs. men

The results seemed to vary by job department. Women in product, marketing, and business development were most likely to negotiate, while those in customer support and administrative roles were least likely to negotiate. (Men in customer support and administrative roles demonstrated similar behavior, with only 28% of them attempting to try for a higher salary.)

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the gap among women and men in high-ranking executive positions was one of the widest: 52% of women said they negotiated their salaries compared to 67% of men.

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Leverage comes with experience

The data shows that men and women in who have been at their company for only a few years have significantly less leverage than those with more years under their belt.negotiateentry

From an age perspective, workers age 41 to 45 seemed to be in a sweet spot: 56% of them reported having negotiated their salary. Rates were lower among the youngest and oldest workers.


A breakdown by city

The cities where people said they negotiated their salaries most were San Francisco, Los Angeles, Salt Lake City, and Austin. The cities where people negotiated their salaries the least were Seattle, Portland, and Phoenix.


White and Asian workers most likely to negotiate

The data revealed that white and Asian workers were the most likely to negotiate their salaries (52% said they had) while African American and Native American workers were least likely (41% and 44% said they had, respectively).



Check out the full breakdown of who’s asking for a higher salary in tech. Results are as of May 24 and came from more than 10,000 user responses.


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