42% of Tech Workers Say Having Unclear Goals Is Their Biggest Source of Stress

Forget the grueling commute, the long hours, and the coworker who doesn’t know when to stop talking. For most people, a lack of clear objectives is their biggest source of stress at work.

Indeed, 42% of workers in technology ranked “unclear goals” as their main stressor, according to the latest reading of an ongoing query by Comparably. “Bad manager” and “commute” were next (each trailing behind with 16% of the vote), followed by “difficult coworker” (14%) and “too long hours” (12%).


“Unclear goals” was the most popular response across every department — from admin to engineering to marketing to legal — as well as every age group 18 to 60. The only area where there was a tie was among 61 to 65 year olds, who said having a bad manager was just stressful.

Workers age 61 to 65 were the only group to think that having a lousy manager is just as bad as having unclear goals.

The responses came from more than 10,000 men and women across the technology industry. The latest reading is as of July 17.


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