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Justin Weigold — SVP, East at Adaptly

Justin Weigold — SVP, East at Adaptly

Executive Bio

Justin Weigold serves as the SVP, East of Adaptly. Justin Weigold and the Adaptly executive team are rated a B by 28 employees.

Executive Team Culture Ratings from Adaptly Employees

Adaptly's Executive Team scores in the Top 25%
of similar sized companies on Comparably

Who ranks the Executive Team the highest?

Experience - 3 to 6 Years 86/100
Department - Operations 86/100
Experience - 1 to 3 Years 85/100

Who ranks the Executive Team the lowest?

Gender - Female 80/100
Ethnicity - Caucasian 82/100
Gender - Male 84/100

Adaptly's Executive Team at a Glance

Based on 33 ratings, Adaptly's employees are satisfied with their Executive Team and give them a “B” or 81/100. On average, Men provided higher ratings for their Executive Team compared to Women.

Adaptly's Executive Team ranks in the Top 10% of other companies in New York and Top 25% of other companies on Comparably that also have 11-50 Employees.

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